Road Warriors: Solving the Work/Life Balance Crisis What has the biggest impact on employee satisfaction levels at consulting firms? Why are consultants leaving the profession at a rate never seen before?

Consulting Magazine | 2013-07-30

Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Unprofitable Projects How much does firm leadership know about the who, what, when, and where of client engagements? Perhaps they do not know as much as one would hope. Getting the right people on the right projects at the right time is no longer a luxury for consulting firms.

Consulting Magazine | 2013-06-01

Overcoming Growing Pains Does it feel like your firm is working harder to earn less? It's probably because you are. The consulting profession knows all too well the pressures on profitability and growth. While the economy and other external factors are often too difficult to accurately forecast, you can control internal variables.

Consulting Magazine | 2013-05-29

Effective Firm Management Hosted by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Joe Kornik, this webinar promises an inside look at contributing factors — while our distinguished panel of speakers offer a behind-the-scenes look at this urgent topic.

Consulting Magazine | 2013-05-15

Winning the Workforce New methodologies, such as collaboration, crowdsourcing, and mobility are redefining the way we work. Everything from firm culture to client service is evolving to brand new ways of not only thinking, but acting.

Consulting Magazine | 2012-12-19

Analytics Advantage Now more than ever, companies—and consultancies—are drowning in data. As a consequence, they're often experiencing unprecedented pressure to make sense of all this information that's suddenly available.

Consulting Magazine | 2012-07-11

Uncovering Key Consulting Metrics: How Pricing, Fees and Utilization Can Drive Growth at Your Firm Pricing, Fees and Utilization are three key factors that ultimately determine profitability. And many firms aren’t taking full advantage of how these key metrics can work for them.

Consulting Magazine | 2012-04-28

The Impact of Social Media on the Consulting Profession Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn started out as simple platforms for like-minded groups of people to communicate and share ideas. Today, these same social networking sites are translating into big business for companies looking to reach targeted clients and customers.

Consulting Magazine | 2012-04-06

Retention Strategies Join Dick Finnegan, CEO of C-Suite Analytics, for a solution-based discussion of how to retain and engage your top performers. He will present data from Google, Top Places to Work, and other sources to reach conclusions that might surprise you about the very best tactics to take.

Consulting Magazine | 2012-03-17

Consulting Magazine Best Practices Webinar As new technologies, such as computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and electronic medical records (EMR) make their way to the front lines of patient care, opportunities abound for consultancies that can successfully implement and integrate new technologies seamlessly and successfully.

Consulting Magazine | 2012-02-28


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