The Impact of Cloud Computing on the Management and IT Consulting Industry The benefits of Cloud Computing have been widely reported—from cost reduction to greater business flexibility to improved levels of business innovation. But what impact will Cloud Computing ultimately have on the Management and IT Consulting industry?

Consulting Magazine | 2011-11-16

Effective Resource Management Over the last several years, consulting firms have had to struggle with plenty of market issues. But despite all the uncertainty around the markets they serve, firms are struggling with an even bigger issue: How to strategically manage their firm amid all the chaos in the economic environment.

Consulting Magazine | 2011-09-02

Retention Strategies to Position Your Firm for Success Almost two-thirds of consultants anticipate "significant growth" in 2011. However, the biggest obstacle to a recovery of that magnitude may not be the economy, but instead the ability to retain your best people.

Consulting Magazine | 2011-07-15

Strategies for Profitable Growth Does it feel like you're working harder to earn less? It’s probably because you are. The consulting profession knows all too well the pressures on profitability. Following the Great Recession, and the economic uncertainty that followed, many operational baselines have changed.

Consulting Magazine | 2011-04-08

Measuring and Meeting Client Expectations Over the last few years, consulting firms have had to struggle with plenty of external market issues, many of which are beyond their control. One thing consulting firms do control, however, is the quality of the work they deliver day in and day out.

Consulting Magazine | 2011-01-20

Electronic Health Records (EHR): Best Practices in Health Care Delivery Recent government investment tops $20 Billion for health care IT, specifically in the area of electronic health records (EHR). However, only about 10 percent of all physicians in the United States have a complete EHR system, although many have at least some aspect of EHR in place.

Consulting Magazine | 2010-11-17

Firm Management - A 360° Update During the past two years, there has been no shortage of crises and uncertainties with which firms have had to contest. However, upon closer examination, we can see that firms are struggling with an even larger issue: How to manage their firm with a sure hand in an environment where skepticism runs rampant.

Consulting Magazine | 2010-08-31

Work/Life Balance: Aligning Talent Management with Growing Demand As the economy continues on the road to recovery, many consulting firms are as busy as they've ever been. In some cases, utilization rates have climbed above 80 percent, others even topping 90 percent.

Consulting Magazine | 2010-03-26

Electronic Health Records (EHR): Challenges & Opportunities The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 earmarks nearly $19 Billion for healthcare IT spending, specifically electronic health records. Less than 10 percent of all physicians in the United States have a complete EHR system, planning or implementation phase, over 90 percent of all physicians in the United States still lack a complete EHR system…

Consulting Magazine | 2010-01-20

Emerging Consulting Opportunities In IT Compliance and Governance While IT compliance and governance used to mean having the proper technology and using it effectively, today it means much more. Join us for the free webinar to find out more.

Consulting Magazine | 2010-01-12


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