Talent Management Leading firms use down times like these to rethink, and retool their operations – to take full advantage of the market's eventual recovery. How a firm identifies and manages top talent will go a long way to surviving tough times and ensuring long-term success.

Consulting Magazine | 2009-07-15

The Learning Curve: Best Practices in Training and Development An unstable economy and budget season can often be a hazardous mix for the training and development department of any consulting firm. As more and more consulting firms are looking to cut back, training can be a line item that doesn't make the cut.

Consulting Magazine | 2008-09-20

Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainability The greening of Corporate America is no longer just a nice idea reserved for tree huggers and environmentalists. In a global economy, more and more companies are recognizing the global impact of their business, not just in terms of dollars and sense but also its impact on the planet.

Consulting Magazine | 2008-02-04


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