Webinars Strategy to Success—How the Best Use Benchmarking to Go From Good to Great It's no secret that many consulting firms leverage benchmarking to see how their organization's performance measures up. And while critically important, that's only part of the equation. The other aspect, employed by the profession's very best firms, is applying the metrics that matter to implement action and effect change.

Consulting Magazine | 2016-08-14

Webinars Digital Disruption and Consulting—Preparing Your Firm for Its Impact The Digital Age is upon us. New technologies are driving a transformation of the world economy in ways most of us are only beginning to understand. Digital disruption is here and it's shaking up the consulting profession. We've reached a technological tipping point.

Consulting Magazine | 2016-05-06

Webinars Metrics That Matter—Growing Your Firm Through Benchmarking In today's competitive marketplace, you need a competitive advantage and consulting leaders simply can not miss an opportunity to grow their firm through benchmarks in five key areas: Leadership; client relationship management; financial management; service delivery; resource and talent management.

Consulting Magazine | 2016-04-08

Effective Firm Management—Increasing Profit Margins through Project Execution How often do you think about the nuts and bolts of running your firm? Not the big-picture, long-term strategic view, but rather the everyday blocking and tackling that, in the end, moves the needle one way or the other. Of course you think about it, but what are you missing?

Consulting Magazine | 2016-01-19

Total Workforce Management—Ensuring the Right People are on the Right Projects at the Right Time In consulting, the firm with the best talent wins. Or does it? Securing top talent is, of course, essential to any firm's success. But now more than ever, the mantra is shifting to say the firm that manages its workforce most effectively, comes out on top time after time.

Consulting Magazine | 2015-10-16

Managing Talent—How to Find, Hire, Onboard and Retain Top Performers In the consulting profession, people are a firm's greatest asset. In nearly all cases, the firm with the best talent wins. But how do you find hire, onboard and, ultimately retain, that top talent? Now more than ever, firms need to make sure they're sourcing the best talent they possibly

Consulting Magazine | 2015-07-30

How Emerging Technologies Will Disrupt Consulting… And What You Can Do About It Disruptive technologies, such as Cloud, Mobile, Data & Analytics and Social Media, are forcing clients to rethink how they compete, engage and win customers.

Consulting Magazine | 2015-04-05

Customer Lifecycle Management: Understanding Customers as They Traverse Your Client's Ecosystem In this new world where data is ubiquitous, your clients are struggling with many aspects of their business. Specifically, they're tackling how their customers interact with them across the entire spectrum of their brand's ecosystem.

Consulting Magazine | 2014-06-06

The New Normal: Creating High Value for Clients in a Low-Growth World There's no question — the business world has undergone a tremendous amount of change the last few years. And consulting is no exception.

Consulting Magazine | 2014-03-19

The New World of Marketing: How Technology Will Shape Its Future Would you believe that in the not-too-distant future, Chief Marketing Officers will be spending more on IT than Chief Information Officers? It's true… and it may become a reality sooner than you think. When it does, it will have enormous impact on how your clients think about and execute the marketing function within their organizations.

Consulting Magazine | 2014-01-21


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