The 2013 Women Leaders in Consulting The impact of women on the consulting profession is certainly significant and growing every year. To recognize their achievements, magazine brought the profession together last month at the St. Regis New York to honor this year’s winners.

Joe Kornik | 2014-01-07

The 2013 Best Firms to Work For After reviewing the results of our exclusive Best Firms to Work For survey, it appears to be all good news as 2013 category numbers are all trending in the right direction—particularly when it comes to significant jumps for work/life balance, career development and leadership.

Joe Kornik | 2013-10-09

The Top 25 Consultants, 2013 If only we could share the complete “awesomeness” with our readers and the firms they work for. Well, the annual Top 25 Consultants issue is about as close as we get.

Joe Kornik | 2013-05-31

Seven Small Jewels, 2013 In the tumultuous economy we’ve seen over the last half decade, most consulting firms have seemed content to take whatever growth they can and wait out the economy. Now, as we see signs of a real recovery taking root, we turn our attention to the best niche firms defying the odds—our 2013 Seven Small Jewels.

Joe Kornik | 2013-04-05

The 2013 Seven Small Jewels: Seven to Watch With more than 125 nominations for our Seven Small Jewels award, it stands to reason that several stood out in the eyes of our editorial committee. For one reason or another, these seven firms didn’t quite make the cut for 2013.

Joe Kornik | 2013-04-04

6th Annual Women Leaders in Consulting Awards Dinner Even though women make up just about a quarter of the consulting profession, their collective impact is exponentially larger. Every day, all across the consulting profession, women are breaking barriers and blazing trails.

Consulting Magazine | 2012-10-13

2012: The Best Firms to Work For After reviewing the results of our exclusive Best Firms to Work For survey, it appears consultants are working harder and longer hours, and our results show that it’s taking a toll on client service. But firms are fighting the good fight as culture and career development scores improve.

Joe Kornik | 2012-09-13

The 2012 Best Small Firms To Work For This marks the fifth year that Consulting has published the Best Small Firms to Work For. It also marks the fourth time that operating management firm Stroud Consulting tops the list.

almstaff | 2012-09-11

The Top 25 Consultants, 2012 Covering the consulting profession must be a lot like working for the CIA or FBI. Boy, we could tell you some stories, but we’re sworn to secrecy. Sometimes, we can you the story, just not who it’s about. And then other times, like our annual Top 25 Consultants issue, we’re able to take a break from covering what is happening in the industry and focus on who is making it happen.

Joe Kornik | 2012-05-24

The 2012 Seven Small Jewels While it’s been necessary to recalibrate the revenue realities of the profession, there are those firms that defy the odds—and that’s the case of the 2012 Seven Small Jewels.

Joe Kornik | 2012-03-10


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