Seven Small Jewels, 2011: Seven To Watch

Seven to Watch With more than 50 nominations for our Seven Small Jewels Award, it stands to reason that several firms—not just the winners—caught the eye of our judges. These seven firms may not have made the final cut this year, but each firm impressed us enough to call them out as Seven to Watch in 2011 and beyond.

Aspen Advisors
This Pittsburgh-based healthcare IT firm has doubled its headcount and revenue since 2009. Experience is one of the key differentiators for this five-year-old firm—some 40 percent of staff has been at it for more than 20 years.

Griffin Strategic Advisors
This Lake Forest, Ill.-based strategy firm was co-founded by CEO Carrie Shea on 08/08/08. The firm, which touts “visionary strategy solutions grounded in operational realities,” has experienced a 164 percent compound annual growth rate since inception.

HB Strategy Group
This Boise, Id.-based strategy firm offers CEOs a strategy development and methodology that “bridges the divide between strategic analysis and organizational change.” Launched in 2009, the firm is projecting to double its staff size and revenue in 2011.

Loft9 Consulting
Loft9, launched in 2010, provides tactical execution support through business analyst and project coordinator resources. The operations firm was co-founded by Edward Beals and Mark Birzell, both from Point B, and is projecting revenue growth of 138 percent in 2011.

Strategic Business Partners
This Detroit, Mich.-based IT firm does the majority of its work in the public sector, including business process management and business intelligence. The firm is on target to double its headcount and increase its revenue some 30 percent this year.

Trexin Consulting
This Minneapolis-based business technology consultancy focuses on the financial services industry. Trexin, which also has offices in New York and Chicago, has grown revenue and headcount about 65 percent each of the last two years.

The Savan Group
This Arlington, Va.-based strategy and IT firm focuses on the public sector, specifically helping clients achieve sustainable success by solving critical management, organizational, technical and operational challenges. From humble beginnings, the firm has experienced a whopping 250 percent growth over the last two years.