The 2019 Top 25 Consultants: Jonathan Wyatt

Jonathan Wyatt


Excellence in Leadership

Jonathan Wyatt is here today via Arthur Anderson and then Deloitte being given the opportunity to start up a technology consulting practice for global consulting firm Protiviti in 2004, based in its London office. 

“In many ways I was doing what I always wanted to do, building a technology business from the ground up,” Wyatt says. “I have been with Protiviti ever since, starting out with four desks, one phone and no London-based clients and ultimately becoming part of its global leadership team and helping to grow the business.

Today, Wyatt is a Managing Director of Protiviti and has been global head of the firm’s multi-competency digital services offering, Protiviti Digital, since 2017. Based in the London office, Wyatt also served in the role of global leader of Protiviti’s Technology Strategy and Operations practice, which he led for two years before taking on his current role as leader of Protiviti Digital and Innovation. 

“It’s not hard to be motivated in my current role! I have always had a passion for technology, and we live in an age of unprecedented change,” Wyatt says. “I have also always enjoyed empowering others, and this is very much an important part of my role at Protiviti.”

I have always worked hard and taken pride in delivering the highest quality work product that I can, and I’ve been lucky to always be supported by people in my personal life, including my parents and my wife of almost 20 years.”

When asked about his proudest achievement, Wyatt always talks about people. “When I joined Protiviti, I was fortunate that a number of people decided to follow me,” he says. “Several of these people were then only a couple of years into their careers. My proudest achievement is that all of the individuals that followed me in 2004 are still with Protiviti today in leadership roles.”

To that end, Wyatt says you are only as successful as the people that surround you. “The key to success is focusing on your team members and genuinely trying to help them achieve their goals,” he says. “In return, they will respect you, become friends and pay you back many times over. I have worked with a core group of people for almost 20 years and have built up a level of trust and mutual understanding that would be difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. I have also been fortunate to be trusted by Protiviti’s leadership team and had many influential mentors and coaches over the years.”

Wyatt says one also should not overlook the contribution that his wife, Loredana, has made to his career. She was at Protiviti before him, introduced him to the firm and ultimately stood aside to allow his career to progress, and she continues to support him in everything he does today. 

What does winning Consulting’s Top 25 Award mean to you? 

Wyatt: “It is great to be recognized for my achievements. The award came very much as a surprise as I did not know that I had been nominated. I believe at Protiviti we have achieved a lot over the years, but I also believe that we are just getting started. I do find it slightly uncomfortable receiving an individual award as consulting is very much a team sport.”


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