Balance Sheet Best Practice: Managing Growth for Maximum Profitability

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT | Cost: Complimentary

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With any luck, your consulting firm is growing and will continue to do so in 2019. With a little more luck, your consulting firm is growing profitability. The second part can be a little tricky, but there are strategies, both internal and external, for successful—and profitable—growth. Does your firm employ them?

Growth is good. However, undisciplined growth can drag down your firm’s profitability. And far too many firms fall victim to this type of inefficient and ineffective growth. For instance: How far ahead should you be investing in hot practice areas? What are the best practices for hiring and onboarding talent ahead of a demand curve? Should you engage contractors or full-time employees? What capabilities do you need to train for? What are the ideal utilization rates for profitability? Externally, should you be exploring M&A opportunities? How about venture capital? Should you consider borrowing money to fund more growth?

Are there things you could—and should—be doing to run your firm more profitably? To explore this topic, plan now to join us online February 12 and uncover answers to such critical questions as:

  • How do Millennials use technology? What are their expectations?
  • Are you managing your growth for maximize profitability?
  • How can you best manage your firm’s resources with market demand?
  • What’s the right investment strategy to fuel your firm’s growth?


PLUS—get answers to your own questions by industry experts during the live Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

Hosted by Consulting Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Joe Kornik, this webinar promises a 360-degree view of the topic from industry experts and leading consultancies. This event is offered free of charge to consulting professionals courtesy of our sponsor, Kimble.