Healthcare The End of Obamacare? Oliver Wyman's Stone on what's next for healthcare and the ACA under Trump During the highly contested 2016 U.S. presidential election, Donald Trump made dismantling Obamacare—the Affordable Care Act—a cornerstone promise…

Consulting Magazine | 2017-02-13

Healthcare A Healthy Business—Trinity Partners' Dave Fitzhenry talks about trends in life science consulting Consulting caught up with Managing Partner Dave Fitzhenry to talk about trends in life science consulting, how the firm helps pharmaceutical companies bring their drugs successfully to market, and some of the big obstacles their clients face along the way.

Consulting Magazine | 2016-10-12

Healthcare The Road to Recovery: Healthcare's Long Journey to Value After all the uncertainty that surrounded the passage of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare professionals were hoping for clarity. What they got instead is more uncertainty.

Eric Krell | 2016-10-12

Healthcare The 2016 Top 25 Consultants: Lisa Voeller Over the past 12 months, Lisa Voeller has worked with state and local government leaders who are focused on improving public safety, protecting and promoting our natural resources and providing cost-effective government services.

Joe Kornik | 2016-05-10

Healthcare The 2016 Top 25 Consultants: Tim Van Biesen Since taking the helm of the Americas Healthcare Practice at Bain & Company in 2009, Dr. Tim van Biesen has at once expanded and reshaped the way the firm approaches its healthcare clients.

Joe Kornik | 2016-05-10

Healthcare The 2016 Top 25 Consultants: William Shea Cognizant's William Shea has been driving successful managed care strategies for more than 30 years and across several industry cycles. With such a lengthy career, he's seen a lot of changes take hold in the industry, many of which he helped pioneer in the earlier wave of value-based and accountable care.

Joe Kornik | 2016-05-10

Healthcare The 2016 Top 25 Consultants: Peter Smith Peter Smith has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare information technology and is an industry thought leader, from ambulatory to long-term care and from core clinical information systems to health insurance exchanges.

Joe Kornik | 2016-05-10

Healthcare Cumberland Consulting Group Acquires Arkansas-based Oleen Cumberland Consulting Group, a national healthcare strategic advisory, technology implementation and project management firm, today announced that…

Joe Kornik | 2016-04-04


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