The 2018 Seven Small Jewels: The Hidden Gems of the Profession

Each February, Consulting magazine puts the smaller firms that are shaking up the industry under the microscope. These firms are excelling in many ways, but perhaps the most noticeable way is revenue growth. These Seven Small Jewels are outpacing the profession in terms of their financial performance. And when we say “outpacing,” we mean “way, way, way outpacing” the profession. This year’s Seven Small Jewels’ revenue growth averaged 112 percent. In real numbers, they collectively grew revenue 52 percent. That’s seven points higher than last year’s 45 percent and 10 points higher than 2016. The Seven Small Jewels are highlighted in this special 12-page section. On the last page we highlight this year’s Seven To Watch—impressive firms, for sure, but which for one reason or another just didn’t the make the cut this year. Stay tuned.

Audere Partners


ImagineX Consulting


Maine Pointe

Press Ganey Strategic Consulting


Seven to Watch