The 2015 Seven Small Jewels: Uncovering the Hidden Gems of the Profession

Seven Small Jewels
Growth, we learned the hard way a few years back, simply can’t be taken for granted. But as the economy has picked up steam over the last several years, we’ve gotten re-accustomed to firms growing, sometimes that growth can be at double-digit rates. Our Seven Small Jewels, year in and year out, outperform the overall profession. This year, our winning firms grew revenue an astounding 73 percent. That’s not a misprint. And, they’re forecasting another 42 percent growth this year. Can we doubt them? Not really, unless we suspect the growth will be even higher. The stories of the Seven Small Jewels are highlighted in this special 14-page section. Their stories are unique, yet there’s a common thread that runs through them all. Each firm has managed, one way or the other, to carve out a very lucrative niche in the profession. No matter your firm size, there’s something to be learned from how these Davids take on the Goliaths—and win. Meanwhile, at the end of the section, we also highlight this year’s Seven To Watch—firms that impressed us immensely, but weren’t quite ready to take home the hardware. At least not yet.

7 Small Jewels
Nexus Global Business Solutions
On Prem Solutions Partners
The Spur Group
Top Tier
Vesta Partners

Seven to Watch
Agility Solutions
BlueLine Associates
Eagle Hill Consulting
e4 Services
Strativity Group
UMT Consulting Group

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