The 2014 Seven Small Jewels

Mind Your Tribe In what can only be described as an up-and-down, roller-coaster ride for the economy over the last decade, it appears we’re finally in an “up” cycle. Of course, whether it’s a sustained cycle or a short-lived one remains to be seen. But one thing has remained consistent throughout every frustrating phase of the economy—Consulting’s Seven Small Jewels simply outperform the overall market every time. And this year is no exception.

These days, most consulting firms seem content to take whatever growth they can muster up in a fiscal year and run with it.  Growth, we learned the hard way, simply can not be taken for granted.  But one could forgive us if we took our Seven Small Jewels a little for granted,  Year in and year out, these little engines that can defy the odds and crank out eye-popping returns.

They all, in one way or another, stood out from the rest. Collectively, our 2014 winners grew revenue by an astounding 45 percent last year.  They also grew their number of billable consultants by 30 percent,  And, they’re forecasting another 35 percent growth this year.  Can we doubt them?  Only is we suspect that percentage will actually be higher.

The stories of the seven winning firms are highlighted over the next eight pages. The stories are inspirational for sure,  At the end of the section, we also highlight this year’s Seven to Watch – firms that impressed us immensely, but weren’t quite ready for prime time. At least not yet.

Aspen Advisors
Cambria Solutions
Meridan Advisory Group
Pivot Point Consulting

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