The 2013 Seven Small Jewels: Seven to Watch

With more than 125 nominations for our Seven Small Jewels award, it stands to reason that several stood out in the eyes of our editorial committee. For one reason or another, these seven firms didn’t quite make the cut for 2013, but they certainly stood out enough to be recognized as our Seven to Watch this year and beyond.

Brand Velocity
This Atlanta-based IT, strategy and research firm, which was founded by the CIO of Coca-Cola in 2001, focuses heavily on the insurance, packaged goods and transportation sectors. Even though the firm is still on the small size, whopping 500 percent revenue growth in 2012 certainly piqued our interest. A more down-to-earth forecast of about 40 percent revenue growth is on tap for 2013.

Brightlight Consulting
Since its inception in 2005, Brightlight Consulting has grown from two entrepreneurs focused on the business intelligence and data warehousing services market to one of the leading big data players with a diversified client portfolio and average year-on-year growth of about 40 percent. Today, it’s a 60-person IT firm focused mainly on the high tech, healthcare, financial services and retail sectors.

Evolve Partners
This Houston-based operations firm, with an office in Calgary, Canada, is focused exclusively on the energy sector and has shown remarkable growth—30 and 40 percent the last two years. The 60-person firm’s tagline is “The Art of Implementation” and its approach “blends a thorough knowledge of industry-specific processes and systems with a focus on developing leadership capabilities at all levels.”

Intersource likes to say that “boutique is the new big” and this Bellevue, Wash.-based IT firm lived up to this mantra by doubling its revenue last year. This year it plans an even more robust 166 percent increase while doubling its staff. The firm’s mission statement is “to transform our customers’ daunting business puzzles into revenue opportunities, cost savings—and on a sunny day, maybe both.”

Liberty Advisor Group
Liberty Advisor Group was founded by a group of senior operating managers and advisory professionals who have more than a century of experience with Fortune 500 companies. The Chicago-based operations and IT firm focuses on manufacturing, packaged goods, financial services and healthcare. In 2012, the firm grew revenue 50 percent and is forecasting about that same growth in 2013.


Few firms of N2growth’s size enjoy the blue chip clients, diversified practice areas and thought leadership it does. The Wilmington, Del.-based firm, which has offices in New York and Chicago, focuses on CEO coaching, leadership development, constituency management, executive search, and organizational development to the Global 1000. Revenue grew 36 percent in 2012 and the firm is forecasting another 50 percent growth this year.

Neos is a management consulting and technology services firm headquartered in Hartford, Conn. Its stated mission is to “bridge the business-technology divide with creative, implementable solutions that yield short-term results and long-term benefits.” In 2012, the firm’s revenue increased 88 percent and more of the same is expected in 2013. This year, Neos is forecasted to grow another 50 percent.