Angelo Mazzocchi of BearingPoint

Angelo MazzocchiAngelo Mazzocchi likes a challenge. The Milan, Italy–born managing director of BearingPoint Latin America, who speaks fluent Italian, English, and Portuguese, is accustomed to working in multicultural environments, too. So when BearingPoint plunked him into the middle of one of the world’s largest SAP/R3 implementations for Brazilian oil and gas giant Petrobras, he was well prepared for the task.
“Projeto Sinergia,” as it became known in Brazil, brought together 200 consultants from BearingPoint, 30 employees from German-based SAP, and 570 Brazilian Petrobras staff, with Mazzocchi as chief visionary, motivator, and mediator.

“The scale of the project itself had a factor of complexity that made it difficult to manage and hard to understand regarding where the project was going,” Mazzocchi explains. In addition to a full-time staff of 800, there were also 24,000 users to train and more than 100,000 activities to monitor.

“This project was full of people from every part of the world,” he says. “I was used to a multicultural environment. This helped me to point it in the right direction quite quickly.”

First, Mazzocchi improved the communication flow between his teams and the executives of Petrobras. “It was something we underestimated before. We put in place a stronger governance structure that provided timely and effective communications to the board and company and main executives. This gave a feeling of transparency that obviously helps a lot to gain the trust of the clients.”

From there, Mazzocchi’s team added the R3 system, integrated more than 120 information systems, and replaced 400 systems located in several units of Petrobras in various regions of Brazil and in other countries.

The undertaking was completed in October 2004, and Petrobras is expected to realize savings of about $450 million in five years.

The project gave BearingPoint a significant return on its investment as well. Mazzocchi’s team created a set of solutions specifically for the oil and gas industry, including intellectual property that it will offer to other oil and gas clients after an undisclosed, agreed-upon time, Mazzocchi says.

They’ve also customized and built specific methodologies for other mammoth projects based on the Petrobras model and are already using them with other clients to manage large-scale business transformation processes.

What’s more, to meet the requirements of Petrobras and of Brazilian legislation, BearingPoint, together with SAP, developed supplementary solutions that were incorporated into the standard solution for the oil and gas industry, and in the process customized and improved the functionalities of the SAP system.

Having climbed this mountain, Mazzocchi looks forward to his next challenge — even if it’s on the other side of the globe. “During the past three years, I was really focused here on this project in Brazil,” he explains. “It was very demanding. I would love to be in touch with other cultures and global issues, in terms of understanding clients’ needs on a global basis. So my focus in next few years, I think, would be on more globalized business activity and leveraging the experience we had here at Petrobras.”

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