Bowman Acquires Richter & Associates

Bowman has announced the purchase of Richter & Associates (Richter), a Rockville, Maryland based professional services firm focused on dry utility infrastructure engineering. The firm, founded by Steve Richter, a former PEPCO engineer, works with private and public clients along with utility services providers to navigate the complexities of design, development and implementation of natural gas, electric and telecommunications infrastructure. Richter, along with other senior managers of Richter, will become part of the Bowman management team.

“The acquisition of Richter demonstrates our continued commitment to increasing the contribution of power and utility assignments to our revenue mix,” said Gary Bowman, CEO of Bowman. “Evolving complexity of end use, combined with increasing load demand, is forcing utilities to rethink their approach to system extension, capacity management, interconnectivity and last-mile design. Steve has built a business uniquely positioned to address the need for integrated dry utility engineering inherent in all infrastructure projects. Every structure built requires coordinated orchestration of last-mile utility engineering and interconnection with multiple utility providers. Richter has built a solid foundation of experience and an impeccable reputation from which we can grow this service nationally. There is tremendous revenue synergy to be derived from this combination.”