The 2021 Women Leaders In Consulting: Erin Moloney

Erin Moloney


Excellence in Leadership

Erin Moloney is the General Manager for Perficient’s Dallas office. In this client-facing role, she is responsible for business development and market awareness in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, as well as ensuring Perficient’s teams are providing delivery excellence to our clients while meeting and exceeding expectations.

She and her team deliver high-impact, end-to-end digital solutions for many of the largest companies in the North Texas region. Erin has also been instrumental in growing Perficient’s presence in the Dallas market by sustaining Perficient’s sponsorship with the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, facilitating partnerships with local technology groups like Dallas CIO and HIMSS, and engaging the local community through development programs like Perficient’s partnership with the Mark Cuban Foundation’s AI Bootcamp.

Erin embraces her high degrees of ambition and dedication to support a team of talented consultants in Dallas and colleagues across the world. Locally in Dallas, Erin leverages a variety of Perficient resources to challenge and inspire colleagues to develop their professional skills. She is also the co-founder of Perficient’s Women in Tech employee resource group (ERG) where she played an instrumental role in defining a mission and vision for the group, organizing committees, and setting the group on a path to promote career growth for women at Perficient.

What do you consider your greatest personal or professional achievement?

“Joining Perficient has given me multiple opportunities to advance my career, and I’ve achieved major milestones within my time here. In 2015, I received the Outstanding Contribution to Perficient’s Success award. The award recognized me for leading the implementation of two complex marketing systems, both of which are still in use today delivering substantial benefit to Perficient in marketing automation, marketing operations, project management, collaboration, and workflow.”

“In 2019, I was invited to ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell with a team of Perficient leaders. Perficient has made tremendous strides in market value in the years since I’ve joined. I’ve devoted my career to helping Perficient grow and drive more value for our customers. Participating in the Nasdaq closing bell ceremony was an exciting, invigorating milestone in my career.”

“Lastly, I was chosen as a co-chair of Perficient’s Women in Tech group, our very first employee resource group (ERG). This group aims to promote educational and career growth for women of Perficient by facilitating networking and connection for women, peers, and allies. Since I joined as co-chair in early 2020, this group has hosted dozens of networking and thought leadership events, including a presentation from LPGA pro and Team Perficient golfer Morgan Pressel moderated by me. The Women in Tech ERG has provided mentorship, education, and connection points for women across the organization on a daily basis, and it’s a key source of pride for me.”

What’s the best advice—consulting or otherwise—you’ve ever received?

“The best advice I’ve ever received was to ask more questions in meetings, in interactions with others at work, and in life outside of work. Before you declare a solution or answer to any problem or challenge, seek first to get all the information you need. Being curious opens up opportunities to learn information you didn’t know you needed, and providing a space for others to share their viewpoints, perspectives, experiences, and concerns can open up new doors.”

What advice would you give to a female consultant just beginning her career?

“I would advise another woman starting her consulting career to never forget to market yourself. Collect a list of your accomplishments over time and share them with your manager in your performance reviews. Document and list your achievements on your LinkedIn profile. It’s important to put your name on each document and project you work on – ideally at the top of the document, front and center. Take ownership of your work, and be proud to stamp your work with your name so others will know who to go to when they need assistance. Highlight the areas where you have gone above and beyond expectations, when you’ve learned a new skill, or benefitted your organization. Remind your colleagues of everything that you’re capable of doing. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.”