The 2019 Top 25 Consultants: Regina Lee

Regina Lee


Excellence in Energy

After graduating from college with an accounting degree, Regina Lee was interviewing with the “Big Six” accounting firms and each application had two boxes: tax or audit.  She struggled to decide, looking for a box that said “none of the above.”  She was candid with her interviewers about her lack of enthusiasm for an audit or tax track, and a partner from Deloitte spent well over the allotted time telling her about its fledgling dispute consulting practice. “I knew immediately that this was a perfect choice for me, and I’ve never looked back.”

Today, Lee is a Managing Director with AlixPartners where she resolves complex disputes involving high value claims. She leverages more than 20 years of experience as a certified fraud examiner to provide expert financial advice to clients facing major claims. Lee leverages data analytics to provide meaningful insights and achieve efficiencies. 

“My colleagues and I specialize in helping clients resolve major claims, whether or not they are litigation related, that threaten the future of their businesses,” she says. 

The claims vary in their composition—from fraud to environmental disasters—but the common thread is the company’s need to resolve them efficiently and reasonably to preserve its ongoing operations, she says. Lee has been involved in many of the most sensitive matters and has worked with her team to resolve them in ways that satisfied those impacted while structuring the solution to save the business. “Dealing with complex issues where emotions run high can be daunting but having a strong team allows me to deliver great results for my clients.”

Some of Lee’s clients have utilized the bankruptcy process to facilitate resolution of their issues. For clients in bankruptcy, Lee has served as a claim resolution expert and also as a court appointed liquidating and litigation trustee. 

“My favorite aspect of consulting is the opportunity to consistently work on projects that matter with brilliant, creative, dynamic teams,” Lee says. “My colleagues inspire me daily, and I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best legal minds of our time.” 

Listening is her secret sauce, she says. “I take time to hear the needs of all parties involved in the situation and design a response that accounts for those drivers.  I have been on both sides of the table many times,” Lee says. “Through engagements with claimant groups as well as the client company, I have learned to balance the priorities of each to achieve consensus.” 

Lee says she is driven by her desire to help people. “My engagements are high-stakes and typically impact thousands of lives,” she says. “Successful outcomes to these cases require a team of highly skilled professionals and I am consistently proud of the teams I’ve worked with to achieve that success.”

What does winning Consulting’s Top 25 Award mean to you? 

Lee: “The recognition by my peers is validation that my contributions are meaningful. I am humbled by the recognition as a Top 25 Consultant and look forward to continuing to help clients resolve major litigation and claims issues successfully while also contributing to the professional and personal growth of my colleagues.”