The 2019 Top 25 Consultants: Karen Curtis

Karen Curtis

Point B

Excellence in Healthcare

There are many paths to a consulting career, but every once in a while you come across a new one, such as Point B’s Karen Curtis’ path. She was working in hospital administration and her friend called to ask if she’d consider joining her consulting firm because, at that particular time, the firm was looking to hire more female consultants. “I never envisioned myself as a consultant when I was in graduate school,” Curtis says. “ I interviewed and thought the work sounded really exciting, so I made the change.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Curtis is a Senior Director for Point B’s Healthcare practice where she has more than two decades’ experience working in the healthcare industry with expertise in leading complex, strategic business initiatives for hospitals/health systems and physician organizations. 

And it’s work she truly loves, she says. It’s probably not surprising then that she says the best advice she’s ever received is to “do what you love! And, be patient and persistent.” Characteristics she takes to heart, for sure. Her work has extended across the planning and creation of new programs and services, operational improvements, and implementation of new clinical information systems and processes. 

“I want to make an impact through my work,” she says. “Healthcare is very personal to me, and I am passionate about finding ways to improve healthcare delivery and help others.” 

And she’s made a career out of doing just that. Ask her about the achievements she’s most proud of over the course of her career and she’ll say that two things come to mind. “First, I really enjoy pursuing new clients and am proud of expanding my firm’s healthcare footprint by adding several new clients per year,” Curtis says. “Second, my favorite and most impactful engagement was helping a regional healthcare delivery system design and launch a new accountable care organization. This was very exciting, hard and innovative work that truly represented industry transformation.”

That transformation underway in healthcare right now is what she’s enjoyed most about her consulting career. “What I love is the opportunity to work on a variety of projects at different types of healthcare organizations and be a part of the industry’s transformation to population health,” Curtis says. “I truly enjoy working with healthcare clients and share their mission and values. I think it is my ability to naturally form relationships with others and stay connected, my curiosity to always want to learn more, and my overall passion for healthcare.”

What does winning Consulting’s Top 25 Award mean to you?

 Curtis: ”It is exciting and I appreciate the recognition. I am honored to be part of this group and appreciate the support from my colleagues and family over the years.”