The 2019 Top 25 Consultants: Agil Francis

Agil Francis


Excellence in Financial Services

When Agil Francis joined Cognizant Consulting around 15 years ago from a Big 4 consulting firm after attaining his MBA, he was looking for several things: a wide variety of challenging issues to work on, the ability to make a real impact with clients, a set of colleagues who were motivated and driven, to be on the forefront of innovation and transformation, and the opportunity to shape and build a consulting organization and grow with it. “These factors are why I still enjoy the job today,” Francis says.

Today, Francis is a Senior principal and Senior Consulting Director and leads Cognizant Consulting’s Property and Casualty insurance practice, focused on digital transformation where he has helped develop leading industry solutions and tools to address underwriting, claims, and risk mitigation critical to personal and commercial insurers.

Francis says he has been motivated by his ability to continually serve clients and move the needle. “It has been motivating to improve clients’ business performance and have the ability to make an impact on the insurance industry by developing leading industry solutions and tools to address underwriting, claims, and risk mitigation which are critical to personal and commercial insurers,” he says. “Most of the insurance industry executives I work with have deep expertise and experience—sitting face to face with them daily and advising them where to invest and where not, the rationale, and bringing them new and innovative thinking keeps me motivated.”

Francis and his teams have been leaders in identifying how new technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, IOT, and blockchain can transform underwriting and claims. He is leading the development of an industry-level, Connected Home solution that leverages sensor technology in homes for better underwriting, pricing, and loss reduction. 

“Much of the work we do is complex and requires a diverse range of skills. We go from high-level strategy right through to implementation and we get deeply involved in what happens working with the client teams,” he says. “This requires an amazingly collaborative and highly competitive team and teamwork involving both our team and client teams. I’ve been fortunate to have these, and it has helped me build long-term partnerships with my clients, who see me as their trusted advisor.”

It also helps, he says, to work with many of the best in the business. “At Cognizant, I am surrounded by super-smart people who are highly talented problem solvers with deep thoughts and creativity with whom it’s fun to collaborate and tackle seemingly insurmountable problems for our clients,” he says. 

What does winning Consulting’s Top 25 Award mean to you?

Francis: “Winning Consulting’s Top 25 Award is a testament to the wonderful clients, mentors and consulting leaders I have worked with over my career. This is a great honor not just for me but also for my team as it recognizes their hard work and efforts. For Cognizant, winning this award is evidence that we’re on the right track in our journey to build Cognizant Consulting and be the leader in digital transformation. For our clients, it’s a testament to the success of their continued efforts to improve.”