The 2019 Top 25 Consultants: Dan Bradley

Dan Bradley


Excellence in Energy

In college, Dan Bradley worked for a small engineering consulting firm where he learned about proposal writing and the management of client deliverables. A couple years after college, a management consulting firm came into the company he was working for at the time. He watched as their teams worked on interesting projects and engaged with senior leadership, “and I decided that was the life for me. Within a few months, I had enrolled in business school, and I’ve never looked back,” Bradley says. 

Today, Bradley is a Managing Director in Navigant’s Global Energy practice, where he focuses on developing strategies for investments, business initiatives, products and development, and professional services across the utility, investor, and manufacturing sectors. His experience enables him to help clients position themselves at that forefront of the energy transformation. 

For the State of New York, he led a team to create a state-wide innovation platform for the electric utility sector, a sector known for its stability and slow pace of change over the past 140 years. “Six months after launching, we knew we had the right strategies in place, but we weren’t delivering the expected outcomes,” he says. Out of adversity, he and his team created a new process called the Innovation Sprint. “This time, we found that we were able to effectively deliver innovation at scale to the industry, and the initiative was recognized as the 2018 Project of the Year by a leading industry publication,” Bradley says. “What I remember most is the couple of weeks when we were working almost 24 hours a day to put the pieces together.”

During his 15 years with Navigant, his creative, collaborative working style has been key to his success as leader of a large power systems, markets, and pricing team, a manufacturer- and investor-focused sales team, and a utility key account team. 

One of the things he enjoys most about the work, he says. Is that utility companies enable the modern world. “As a consultant who focuses on clients in the energy sector, I am endlessly motivated by working with clients to solve problems that have a real impact on the quality of life of people,” Bradley says. 

Plus, a consulting profession offers many enjoyable attributes. “It becomes a very entrepreneurial career as you advance, and it offers endless learning opportunities,” Bradley says. “You get the perks of working with people all around the world and learning about their businesses and corporate cultures.”

You also work with very smart and highly motivated people. And, you have the opportunity to help clients drive real change. “Above all, though, what I have enjoyed most is working with people—my clients, coworkers, and stakeholders who have been involved in all the work I’ve done over the past 20 years,” he says.

What does winning Consulting’s Top 25 Award mean to you?  

Bradley: “To me, it means I have made wise choices in life. My wife is supportive of my career and we work hard to maintain a balance between our professional and family lives. My firm has rewarded me with teams of the hardest working, smartest, and most fun people. My clients have entrusted in me some of their biggest challenges. I would not have received this award without all of their support. Personally, this award is incredibly meaningful to me and I will hold this moment up as one of the best moments of my professional career.”