The 2019 Seven Small Jewels: Savan Group

Savan Group

Headquarters: McLean, VA

Additional Offices: N/A

Service Lines: Management Consulting and IT Services

Client Industries: Public Sector

Billable Consultants: 2017: 48 / 2018: 70 / 2019 (projected): 130

Revenue (in millions): 2017: $8.1 / 2018: $13.8./ 2019 (projected): $23


Veeral Majmudar, President & CEO of Savan Group says he wants the firm to be a premier management and IT consulting firm by serving as trusted advisors and helping clients create positive change throughout their organizations.

“We aspire to achieve our mission, delivering consulting services deserving of our clients, by creating and sustaining positive, lasting results for their organizations; we do this through a unique experience predicated on intimacy, agility, and trust,” he says.

That mission was aided by impressive revenue growth of 82 percent last year. This year, Majmudar is forecasting another 67 percent growth. “We are truly excited about our growth. Being a firm with over 200 employees by the end of 2020 is quite possible, but will require great planning and execution on our part to evaluate new markets and new clients,” he says. “As a result of that anticipated growth, we will be looking to build our new office to accommodate our employees over the next year.”

Going into 2019, Majmudar believes clients will continue to focus on IT modernization efforts, information and data management, blockchain, and digital solutions. As a firm, Savan Group is well positioned to capitalize on these potential opportunities due to its experience and expertise—but it will still require an organized approach to strategic execution, he says.

Savan Group was founded in 2006 as a management and IT consulting firm that aims to solve clients’ most critical operational challenges, enabling them to achieve their missions. “To do this, we focus on the integration of people, process, and technology, to achieve organizational success,” he says. “Since our founding, we have expanded our client base across 15 federal agencies, hired incredible talent, and introduced new capabilities all while having fun along the way.”

Ask Majmudar what sets the firm apart and he’ll say, without hesitation, culture. “Much of what sets us apart can be explained by our culture. Savan Group’s culture is energetic, collaborative, and fun-loving. We pride ourselves on having spirits of grit that refuse to give up, cut corners, or be passive when we are equipped with the skills and enthusiasm to meet our clients’ needs,” he says. “We hire talent for whom our core values of integrity, quality, accountability, collaboration, and sheer hustle make up their DNA. We see how vital these fundamentals are to us—our “Savan family”—from the boardroom to the watercooler.”

What makes the firm truly unique, he says, is what every single person brings to the table as a single, authentic self with a distinct skillset, background, experiences, flavors, and ways of seeing the work and the world. “The more we appreciate diversity and give it room to breathe, the better we—and our clients—are for it.”

Meanwhile, he says being named one of the Seven Small Jewels is a tremendous honor. “The recognition validates our hard work and dedication to excellence and client satisfaction,” Majmudar says. “It’s one thing for us to market our own success stories and capabilities, but when a well-respected industry publication like Consulting magazine also takes note, it only confirms what many of our employees and clients have known—that Savan Group is a special place, with special people, doing great work.”