The 2019 Seven Small Jewels: Insite Managed Solutions

Insite Managed Solutions

Headquarters: Cape Coral, Fla.

Additional Offices: N/A

Service Lines: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology, Human Resources

Client Industries: Insurance, Communications, Manufacturing, Energy, High Tech

Billable Consultants: 2017: 26 / 2018: 33 / 2019 (projected): 50

Revenue (in millions): 2017: $3.65 / 2018: $6.49 / 2019 (projected): $9.82


By any measure, Insite Managed Solutions had a pretty solid 2018 with revenue growing 72 percent, while its number of billable consultants only grew about 27 percent. Who could argue with that? The firm plans to add 17 more billable consultants this year and continue the upward trend forecasting another 51 percent growth this year.

Insite began as a firm looking to provide a different engagement approach by being more tactical and personal allowing the firm to provide more value than the big organizations while staying true to its core domain of expertise—Human Operations.

Initially, the firm sought to provide managed services in the areas of workforce management, training, quality and analysis. But by listening to its clients, Insite found that it needed to adjust its business model to provide a variation of short and long term solutions, says Chris Rozum, CEO of Insite. “This required us to be adaptable and make changes, but it inevitably allowed us to build trust with our clients, a quality we find essential in client relationships today.”

Despite the firm’s dramatic growth and the size of the companies it serves, Insite still manages to be able to provide an individual approach that outshines its competitors, Rozum says. “We are not conference room consultants and enjoy being in the centers we serve,” he says. “It is important that we understand the unique characteristics of each operating environment so that we can customize our services and solutions.”

Rozum says when he thinks of Insite’s culture, the first characteristic that comes to mind is being positive. “This may be surprising when considering the intensity of our client expectations and highly competitive nature of our staff members,” he says.

The second item extends to the environment of polite transparency the firm promotes with its clients and staff. The last is knowledge sharing. “When an individual learns something new, they want the rest of the team to have the same knowledge,” Rozum says. “Our expertise is valuable at the individual level but collectively that knowledge grows exponentially.”

Speaking of growth, Rozum says it’s been a consistent theme for Insite and he do not anticipate that tapering off anytime soon. “We continue engaging our core clients along with attracting and partnering with new ones,” he says. “There is opportunity in growing our services and the industries we touch as we expand our domain of expertise. We also see opportunities within our current staff members. We see potential in all of our team and know that their path at Insite is limited only to what they choose to achieve. Our team creates Insite’s future and the course of the company is defined by all our collective actions.”

Each year, Insite establishes a goal for growth that is communicated to the entire team, Rozum says. “We seek to grow the firm’s headcount 40 percent by 2020 with similar growth in revenue,” he says. “We are excited to expand our footprint at home in Cape Coral, Fla. Additionally we see opportunity to launch offices in Asia and Europe.”

From an industry perspective, Rozum says  Insite is more focused on diving deeper and expanding its expertise in those industries where we already have experience.

Meanwhile, Rozum says Insite is incredibly honored to be a Small Jewel. “Our team has a shared motivation to grow as we work together to meet quarterly goals. Being part of this group of seven validates our objectives and will inspire us to continue striving for growth and excellence.”