The 2019 Seven Small Jewels: Impetus Consulting Group

Impetus Consulting Group

Headquarters: New York

Additional Offices: Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC

Service Lines: Financial Consulting, Operations Management, Information Technology

Client Industries: High Tech, Biotech, Packaged Goods, Entertainment, Financial Services

Billable Consultants: 2017: 15 / 2018: 25 / 2019 (projected): 45

Revenue (in millions): 2017: $3.5 / 2018: $5.4 / 2019 (projected): $10


Plans are for Impetus Consulting Group to follow up very impressive 78 percent growth last year with more of the same in 2019. Alex Cohen, President of Impetus, says the firm is forecasting another 85 growth this year.

Impetus was  founded with the aim of providing the flexibility of being an independent consultant while delivering a great impact to clients as a group, Cohen says.

Impetus has evolved, as the opportunity and exposure in the marketplace has grown, to focus on providing team members with opportunities they would not have received at other firms early on in their career. “We have a motto,” he says. “If you want to do something, you just have to raise your hand and follow through. This raise-your-hand mentality is at the core of who we are.”

Impetus’ focus on creating a strong environment of learning and enablement is unique in a highly competitive space, says Cohen. “In my twenty-plus years of consulting, I have never seen a firm where the team members support and hold each other accountable in such a powerful way.”

Another founding principle of Impetus, Cohen says, is that establishing trust and credibility with employees and clients comes before anything else. “We aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients who share the vision of addressing problems with sustainable solutions,” he says. “Our team members naturally become ambassadors driving those relationships through listening and speaking truth to our clients.”

Cohen says another key element that sets Impetus apart is the encouragement and reward of getting involved in many different aspects of the business. “Team members who traditionally would not be exposed to business development, are encouraged and incentivized to participate in that process,” he says. “By exposing our team members to all aspects of the business, we accelerate their learning and, in turn, their career growth, which, in turn, allows the organization to grow.”

And grow it has. Cohen says 2019 is shaping up very well. “We have aggressive targets to double our revenue and team, and our pipelines are supporting those goals,” he says. “We see tremendous opportunity within the Global 2000 and with some of industry specific solution offerings—2019 will be a year of growth driven by focused discipline.”

Meanwhile, the plan for 2020 is to grow by 50 percent to 75 percent over 2019’s revenue and headcount. “We anticipate continuing to build out our team hubs in the U.S.—New York, San Francisco and Chicago—and be opportunistic with international pursuits,” Cohen says. The culture of Impetus starts with transparency and employee engagement, Cohen says, and the management team shares financials, pipeline and partnership information openly with the team. “Employees are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of the business,” he says. “If someone identifies a problem, they work with their peers to find a solution and then present it to the management team. Impetus succeeds through curious, self-motivated and accountable people from many different backgrounds.”

And when it comes to being named one of Consulting’s Seven Small Jewels, Cohen says the firm is extremely honored and humbled by the award. “Being named a Small Jewel provides validation that our approach to building a firm through trust and credibility resonates with others in the space,” Cohen says. “For our clients, this confirms that their instincts were correct in partnering with a small and experienced firm.”