The 2019 Seven Small Jewels: Clearsulting


Headquarters: Cleveland

Additional Offices: New York, Columbus, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles

Service Lines: Finance Effectiveness, Financial Systems, Risk, Advisory, Automation & Analytics, Healthcare

Client Industries: Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, Technology, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation

Billable Consultants: 2017: 25 / 2018: 50 / 2019 (projected): 100

Revenue (in millions): 2017: $3 / 2018: $7 / 2019 (projected): $12


After growing a very healthy 133 percent last year, Clearsulting is setting its sights on another successful year as the firm is forecasting an additional 71 percent growth this year as its number of billable consultants hits triple digits.

Clearsulting started as the vision of founder, Marc Ursick. He was in the midst of a consulting career at one of the largest professional services firms in the world. There came a point when he realized that the traditional consulting business model was laden with inefficiencies—overly-complex organizational structures, redundant leadership roles, and lengthy approval cycles for minor decisions. Ursick felt there had to be a better way, hence Clearsulting was born.

“Since our founding, Clearsulting has been defined by our unique culture. This culture is our foundation and our north star, guiding how we serve our clients, colleagues, and communities,” says Joe Sagrilla, Chief Strategy Officer of Clearsulting.

“Our culture is best defined as the sum of our core values—grit, growth, accountability, balance and teamwork.”

In many ways, the firm’s culture is its secret weapon, says Sagrilla. “It is absolutely genuine and a source of competitive advantage for us,” he says. “Our culture is what enables us to attract the best and brightest talent from across the industry.”

Sagrilla says it’s important that Clearsulting stays an oasis in the industry where talented folks can come to experience all the benefits of a management consulting career without the politics, bureaucracy, and unnecessary stress common at other firms.

“Our main goal at this point is to continue fueling the firm’s rapid growth without giving an inch on client satisfaction, culture, talent profile, or profitability,” Sagrilla says. “We call the suite of initiatives surrounding this goal our ‘Smart Hyper-Growth’ strategy.”

And it appears to be working. Sagrilla says 2019 is off to a great start. “We’re in a strong position to capitalize on the momentum we built in 2018, and many of our newly implemented strategies are already paying off.”

In particular, he sees opportunity for Clearsulting in three areas: one, guiding CFO organizations through the process of building new Digital Finance capabilities; two, helping global companies design solutions to improve operational transfer pricing and intercompany accounting, and, three, helping healthcare organizations successfully navigate unprecedented industry disruption, improve patient outcomes, and contain costs.

“I’m happy to say that opportunities abound for Clearsulting as our reputation in the market continues to grow. By the end of 2020, I fully expect us to be much larger than we are now, but exact numbers are hard to predict at this point,” Sagrilla says.

The firm has implemented strategies at both the Corporate and Business Unit level that were specifically designed to “grow into” over the next three to five years. For now, the focus remains on aggressively growing its existing service lines, markets, and industries. Sagrilla says the firm is eyeing new offices in cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle.

“That said, our business model is purpose-built to be opportunistic—we’re positioned to quickly jump on new opportunities that arise if they are aligned with our overall strategy,” Sagrilla says. As far as being named one of the Small Jewels? Sagrilla says that it means a lot. “Everyone at the firm is honored and humbled by this recognition,” he says. “It’s great validation that all the hard work we’ve done to serve our clients, colleagues, and communities hasn’t gone unnoticed.”