The 2019 Rising Stars of the Profession: Vickye Jain

Vickye Jain


Excellence In Client Service

Associate Principal

Age: 32

At ZS, Vickye Jain says he learned that having access to the right data and analytics can be a game-changer for clients, as long as they’re prepared to take advantage of it. In his 10 years at ZS, he’s had the opportunity to work with clients at various stages in their big data journeys and says it’s rewarding to step in at critical moments to help clients harness the true potential of their data and uncover actionable insights to evolve their business.

“My team and I have had the opportunity to deliver multiple cutting-edge solutions for clients—some of the latest technologies,” Jain says.

Looking back on his career thus far, Jain says one standout project is a data lake his team constructed for one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. “We helped them centralize data across multiple functions,” he says “Not only did we deliver a solution that resulted in huge cost savings for the organization, we also built a strong relationship with the client.”

Additionally, over the course of his career at ZS, Jain has played a key role in building a team of deeply experienced professionals that develops and delivers products that drive customer value and company results each day. “I’m extremely proud of the progress we continue to make,” Jain says.

What excites him about a consulting career? It’s a combination of things—the pace of work, the smart people he gets to partner with around the world, the diverse set of problems he solves and the ability to achieve positive and lasting results for clients.

Meanwhile, during his time at ZS, he’s had the flexibility to live and work in both India and Los Angeles. “This experience led me to view projects through a different lens,” Jain says. “Being constantly presented with new sets of challenges from a variety of clients will be something I’ll always appreciate and find exciting.”