The 2019 Rising Stars of the Profession: Stephen Matthews

Stephen Matthews

L.E.K. consulting

Excellence In Client Service


Age: 34

It’s a cliché of course, but L.E.K. Consulting’s Stephen Matthews says he loves the constant promise of new and challenging problems to solve. “We are brought in to solve our clients’ hardest problems: the ones they have tried but simply can’t solve themselves,” he says. “This results in constant challenges and a constant learning environment. Each client engagement is unique, and the constant challenge to come up with new and innovative ways to solve problems excites me every time.”

Meanwhile, specifically connected with his areas of focus— there are some seismic shifts occurring in the media industry today as technology is disrupting how content is produced, distributed and consumed. “It’s fascinating to be a part of such a sea-change,” Matthews says. “I thoroughly enjoy being in a position to help our clients navigate uncharted rough waters and come out on top.”

Consulting is fundamentally about setting clients up for success, and Matthews says he  genuinely derives a sense of accomplishment every time he hears about the results of a successful engagement. “This could manifest itself through a client’s new product launch or change in strategic direction that we helped develop. It could be a private equity client that closes a deal we advised,” he says. “It could be as simple as a client’s positive feedback after a successful engagement.”

Consulting is a challenging industry and the challenges are always changing. Matthews says he simply could not have gotten to where he is today without the support of those around him—a fantastic network of individuals who support, challenge and empower him. “This includes my personal network (my wife, family and friends), my professional network (colleagues, clients and mentors) and, importantly, my teams,” he says. “L.E.K.-ers are the best and brightest. These incredibly capable individuals are one of the most important factors in my success. That, and a lot of hard work, of course! And coffee.”