The 2019 Rising Stars of the Profession: Michael Berland

Michael Berland


Excellence In Financial Services

Director, Financial Services Digital and Technology Innovation

Age: 31

In 2016, coming back from a two year academic leave of absence while pursuing his MBA, Michael Berland wanted to leverage his previous experience working with Financial Services clients and carve a niche in a new emerging area—Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation. While PwC had a few practitioners, the firm did not have a dedicated focus area nor consultants trained within the space within Financial Services.

“With the support of partners and colleagues, we build an Intelligent Automation team from scratch, assembling thought leadership, engagement accelerators, and a full functional and training program to support the build out of our practice,” Berland says. “Over the course of three years, we have delivered numerous client engagements, built the team with cross training and external hiring, and have hosted roundtables and conferences across the U.S. to engage clients and speakers on all things Intelligent Automation.”

It’s probably not all that surprising then, that he says the ability to be entrepreneurial and continually focus on learning is what he enjoys most about a career in consulting. His client experiences range across Financial Services, but he’s also been able to gain experience across Finance, Operations, Compliance and the Front Office. He’s also been able to work on projects leveraging different skills, from business analysis, program management, testing, leadership, and change management.

“This collection of experiences has ensured I haven’t gotten stagnant in my career and has allowed me focused on continual upskilling to advise my clients and lead client engagements,” Berland says.