The 2019 Rising Stars of the Profession: Kevin J. Miologos

Kevin J. Miologos


Excellence In Financial Services

Principal Consultant

Age: 29

As Capco’s Kevin J. Miologos reflects on his career in consulting thus far, he is most pleased with the trust and camaraderie that he has built with his colleagues, leaders and clients. “Projects, solutions and buzzwords come and go; helping others achieve success as a trusted partner, in favorable as well as unfavorable conditions, is what gets me out of bed in the morning,” he says. “In my estimation, there are very few things more rewarding in life than overcoming adversity to achieve success with a team.”

Consulting provides him that opportunity, as well as the unique opportunity to address new challenges, uncertainty, and pressure with a renewed perspective and approach on each engagement. “I’m consistently excited to maintain momentum and strive to improve in everything I do individually and what Capco does as a firm,” Miologos says.

What’s been the biggest factor to his success so far? Grit, he says. “Over time I’ve realized, there is no big secret to success in life. Many teachers, mentors and dogmas emphasize the school of thought that perseverance and character are the central tenets of achievement,” he says. “I tend to align with the universal definition of ‘Grit’ as an unwavering commitment to excellence, supported by resilience, measured self-confidence and passion.”

However, when thinking about grit, there is something else to consider, he says. What does excellence look like? What is just the right amount of self-confidence? “I’ve found that it is not about achieving a certain threshold for each of these characteristics but instead making the commitment to meeting the overall standards for grit,” Miologos says. “Throughout my life, I have been extremely fortunate to have family, mentors, peers and others that provided an ever-flowing stream of knowledge and points of reference to support my commitment to excellence.”