The 2019 Rising Stars of the Profession: Ana Heeren

Ana Heeren

FTI Consulting

Excellence In Communications

Senior Managing Director

Age: 34

FTI Consulting’s Ana Heeren says the best advice she’s ever received is “Be humble, always put the team first and make sure you surround yourself with people you can learn from.” It seems that advice is being put into practice every single day.

Ask her about her greatest achievement and she’ll point out others. “I’m extremely proud of our Latin America practice, the cross-border regional offering we’ve built and the way we continue to innovate, strengthen our competitive advantage and stay at the forefront of issues that impact our clients’ businesses and their freedom to operate across the region,” she says.

Ask her about the keys to her success and she’ll say it would have to be about collaboration. “At a global firm like FTI with so many experts, collaborating with our other segments and knowing when to take advantage of the firm’s diverse capabilities has meant new and important opportunities for our team,” Heeren says. “I’m convinced it has not only expedited our growth but also allowed us to focus on the most complex, high-stakes issues for clients.”

Heeren says she’s excited by the opportunity to differentiate FTI’s approach and find solutions to new challenges. “I know every day will be different and we need to keep moving,” she says. “Client problems are getting more nuanced and unpredictable.”

Cross-border and multi-cultural communications mandates will continue to demand new and diverse capabilities at the intersection of capital markets, public affairs and issues management, making sure that the firm continues to lead with a differentiated approach is very exciting, she says.

“I’m also inspired by the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to individual careers and by the chance to develop our next generation of leaders at FTI,” she says.

And, of course, the Rising Stars of the Profession award is about team, too.  “I view this award as recognition for all the hard work our LatAm team has done over the years,” she says.