The 2019 Rising Stars of the Profession: Eveline van Beek

Eveline van Beek


Excellence In Healthcare

Managing Director in Healthcare and Government Solutions

Age: 35

Eveline van Beek started working in healthcare consulting because she wanted to work on solutions to help improve healthcare quality, costs and access for patients. “I love helping clients with their challenges, and I feel privileged that I get to be a part of the machinery that is looking to make things better in one of the most complex systems of our economy: healthcare,” she says.

The biggest factor to her success, she says, has been not being afraid of taking on a challenge. For example, taking on the projects that others may deem too tricky or difficult to be successful, working with new teams, moving countries and learning about new healthcare systems from scratch.

One of those challenges included building a new service line for KPMG in government healthcare transformation after moving to the United States. “It was quite a challenge to enter a new market five years ago without business contacts or any direct work experience in the U.S. healthcare market,” she says.

She’s also very fortunate to have a group of very dedicated colleagues, mentors and coaches that have supported this build effort over the past five years. “This isn’t something that I could have done by myself,” van Beek says. “It makes me proud that we now have a stable pipeline of business supporting state government healthcare programs and helping reshape the way healthcare is delivered to some of the country’s most vulnerable patient populations.”

Van Beek says she’s received some pretty good advice throughout the years, including: If you see something that needs to get done, do it, don’t wait for someone else to do it; Don’t take things personal; and, ask yourself: “So what?” “In other words, how will your actions help serve the ultimate purpose of the project?”

As far as being a Rising Star, van Beek says she was just doing her job, “so it’s a nice reminder that hard work and perseverance are admired qualities that yield results.”