Excerpt: Five Steps to a Better Business You

The following is an excerpt of Simple Strategies to Success: Helping Business Leaders Become the Best Version of Themselves and Take Their Business to the Next Level by Adriana Cecere. The book is designed to help business leaders across the globe be the best version of themselves and take their aspirations and business to the next level in a 28-day program containing teachings from Cecere’s experiences in developing business and consulting. Cecere, “the Backpocket CEO,” is founder of Sydney-based Consulting Australia and was named one of Consulting magazine’s 2017 Global Leader in Consulting for Excellence in Innovation. The following excerpt is from Chapter 3, Transformation.


It has been said that the only constant in business is change. Meanwhile, numerous studies have shown that up to 70% of change efforts fail. Luckily for managers, this does not have to be the case. With proper planning, thoughtful management, and appropriate timelines, even the largest of complex change initiatives will be successful. Change initiatives can vary widely in scope and complexity. Large-scale projects are typically at the enterprise or business unit level, while small-scale projects could be at the program or process level. Business transformation typically refers to medium and large scale projects that impact strategies, management systems, or multiple business processes. Large-scale transformations may result from the acquisition of a new company, market disruption, business model innovation, restructuring for revenue growth, or performance improvement and operational change.