The 2018 Seven Small Jewels: Seven To Watch

Consulting magazine receives plenty of nominations for the Seven Small Jewels. As one might imagine, there are typically more than seven firms deserving of recognition in any given year. This year was no different. Several firms stood out in the eyes of the editorial selection committee, but for one reason or another, were not selected as Seven Small Jewels. However, we felt these outstanding firms—many of them international—needed to be noticed. So, here are this year’s Seven to Watch. Often, the firms on this list end up as Small Jewels a year or two later. So, you might want to keep an eye on them; Consulting sure will.  

1. Clearsulting

Clearsulting is a Cleveland-based Financial Consulting and IT firm “committed to challenging the classic consulting business model.” Its culture is focused on creativity, enthusiasm, and client collaboration to bring a fresh perspective to clients in primarily five service areas—Shared Services, Technology Services, Risk and Controls, Finance Transformation, and Analytics and Insight. Over 300 percent revenue growth early on means it’s working.

2. Healthlink Advisors

Pinellas Park, Fla.-based Healthlink Advisors’ mission is “to improve healthcare delivery and IT operations at clients ranging from academic medical centers to integrated delivery networks to community-based hospitals.” The IT and Strategy healthcare firm boasts early impressive results of 220 percent revenue growth in 2017. If it does it again in 2018—as leaders forecast—it will undoubtedly end up on next year’s Seven Small Jewels list.

3. Mirow & Co.

Rio de Janeiro-based Mirow & Co. is a strategy firm serving clients across a range of capital-intensive industries. Founded in 2012, Mirow & Co. has served all the major Brazilian pulp & paper companies and many other industrial clients. Revenue growth of 75 percent in 2017 was a great start but leaders expect to do it again this year. That would go a long way to Mirow & Co. being one of 2019’s Seven Small Jewels.

4. Pollen Consulting Group

Sydney-based Pollen Consulting Group grew at an astounding 500 percent in 2017 and is projecting to double revenue in 2018. Although small and just getting started, Pollen Consulting Group says: “We believe to truly find a new outcome, we must reshape the road we take, blending our experience, your experience, the ways you work and the ideas we generate. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your businesses to improve your bottom-line profitability.”

5. The Renewables Consulting Group

The Renewables Consulting Group is an integrated market intelligence, management consulting and technical advisory firm. The firm says: “What makes us different is that we are focused solely on the renewable energy sector. We support mainstream and emerging technologies and serve the organizations leading the transition to a low carbon economy.” The London-based firm, with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Taipei, grew 83 percent in 2017.

6. Syntelli Solutions, Inc.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Syntelli Solutions Inc. was launched in 2005 as an enterprise performance management solutions provider for CFOs. Built to help clients influence behaviour with the power of data, over the past 10 years the practices have matured to include enhanced data lake practices with data governance and the latest data-shaping and science practices. The 59 percent revenue growth in 2017 is a great start, and the firm is forecasting even better 106 percent growth in 2018.

7. Walking the Talk

Amsterdam-based Walking the Talk’s commitment to culture transformation runs deeper than just a consulting proposition. Firm leaders say: “It’s our reason for being. Perhaps unusually for a consultancy, our aim is to leave the client transformed, with the capability to keep evolving, essentially making the client self-sufficient in culture management. Our vision is for every organization in the world to have a thriving culture,” and that vision lead to an impressive growth rate of 46 percent in 2017.