The 2017 Social & Community Investment Awards: Prominence


Type of Work: Pro Bono Client: Global Health Coalition

Since 2014, Prominence has been a strategic partner with Global Health Coalition (GHC), a non-profit organization that supports underserved communities in developing nations through strengthening health IT infrastructure in clinics and hospitals. Prominence has donated time, materials, expertise, and financial support to GHC, resulting in the development of a stand-alone, portable EMR that can operate for a full day without power or internet connection.

In January 2017, Prominence and Global Health Coalition traveled to Jerusalem, Haiti and successfully deployed the EMR, treating over 550 patients in the first week.

In May, the team returned, implementing improvements that allow the EMR to be a permanent fixture in the clinic, facilitating patient care daily and providing deep analytics on the patient population being served.

“Our partnership with Global Health Coalition (GHC) is producing data where no data currently exists and, in turn, creating a framework for medical teams to provide more appropriate, targeted healthcare to rural communities across the globe,” says Bobby Bacci, CEO of Prominence Advisors.

Prominence’s mission is to help create a healthier tomorrow, Bacci says. “While most of our work is focused on helping the U.S.’s leading healthcare organizations overcome their most significant technical challenges, we firmly believe that creating a healthier tomorrow doesn’t stop at the borders of the United States. Given our access to this know-how and technology, we feel it is our moral obligation to use those resources to make a difference in communities that need it most.”

The response from the Prominence team has been overwhelming and inspiring, Bacci says. Over half the company has volunteered time to support GHC’s growth and initiatives.

“We have employees regularly engaged in providing strategic guidance, chairing workgroups, researching technological and hardware solutions, building and testing the EMR, developing workflows for the clinics, and building a scalable architecture for data to be leveraged in advanced analytics on both an identified and de-identified basis,” he says.

Now that Prominence and GHC have successfully deployed the portable EMR solution to Jerusalem, Haiti, the two are finalizing plans to expand to three additional clinics in rural communities in the Dominican Republic, Bacci says.

Q&A: What does winning a Social & Community Investment award mean to you, your firm and your employees?

Bacci: “In the words of GHC’s founder, Devin Mehta, when one wants to help a charitable organization, “[he] strongly believes that we should each leverage our primary professional skillset because that is what can help an organization the most.” Leveraging Prominence’s knowledge of electronic medical records to support GHC has led to astounding outcomes in only a few years. Our hope in receiving this award is that other consulting firms will heed Devin’s advice and be inspired to use their core skills to improve communities in need.”

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