The 2017 Social & Community Investment Awards: North Highland

North Highland

Type of Work: Significantly Discounted Work Client: Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys & Girls Club of America—its mission is to serve all youth, especially those who need it most—aimed to develop a program that provides high quality arts education for its members, and engaged North Highland to assist in evaluating market readiness to drive successful adoption.

BGCA wanted to identify the large metropolitan markets most able to successfully implement the arts programs and North Highland worked to design a strategy for identifying which of the 50 target metro clubs BGCA should focus on. BGCA now has a roadmap to move forward.

The North Highland team worked quickly to design a strategy for identifying metro clubs BGCA should focus on for this effort. The team determined that a club should be targeted for expansion based on two primary factors: 1) demonstrated commitment to high-quality arts programming and 2) ability to implement the research-backed principles of high-quality arts programming.

Several other important factors were identified such as a club’s ability to find high-quality instructors who are good at working with kids, and for initial clubs to be located in cities and communities where there is a significant arts presence to name a few.

Based on North Highland’s analysis, BGCA was able to successfully secure donation funding to move this program forward, and BGCA is currently developing this program in metro areas around the nation, says Scott McGinnis, Principal Strategy Consultant, North Highland Worldwide Consulting.

“Our partnership with BGCA gave our team the opportunity to live out each part of North Highland’s mission to ‘empower clients, colleagues, and communities to achieve aspirations while building lasting, caring relationships.’ ” McGinnis says. “Through this work, BGCA is now empowered to pursue a new business model, and communities across the nation will be empowered with new arts offerings for their youth members.”

McGinnis says that it’s always a pleasure working with a collaborative and innovative client, especially one with such a strong social mission such as BGCA. Moreover, several members of North Highland’s strategy practice has arts backgrounds, themselves, and were thrilled to help craft a strategy for expanding BGCA’s high-quality arts pilot.

And as far as winning a Social & Community Investment award, McGinnis says “being honored with this award offers strong validation of something that I continually impress on my teams—our work has the potential to meaningfully impact the people around us for the better. We’re humbled to be recognized for our efforts to help our communities.”

Q&A: Why does the firm and firm leadership view this work as so important? 

McGinnis: “North Highland works with many clients in virtually every industry, but we particularly enjoy working on projects where we can have an impact on the communities where we work and live.  In addition to our firm-wide philanthropic strategy focused on economic empowerment, North Highland dedicates time for non-profit work every year, and we are committed to serving organizations such as BGCA and others.”

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