The 2017 Social & Community Investment Awards: Knowledgent


Type of Work: Community Outreach Initiative Client: Various

Knowledgent is a Warren, N.J.-based data intelligence company that innovates in and through data. The firm leadership likes to say that it eats, sleeps and breathes data to enable advanced and agile analytics, digital enterprise, and robotics. Knowledgent combines its data and analytics expertise with business specific domain knowledge. The firm leaders are “informationists” who are passionate about data. Knowledgent Cares is a wide-reaching community outreach initiative that is sponsored by individual employees who have a passion for their cause. This combined with the fact that Knowledgent backs those individuals through promotional aid, donations, and participation, contributes to the program’s success.

Knowledgent is passionate about its employees’ causes, which are wide and varied, allowing the firm to have an impact in different areas of the community. Some of the causes the firm has recently been involved with are: the American Red Cross, the International OCD Foundation, the N.J. Special Olympics, Monmouth County SPCA, Rutgers, and the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.

Peter Gibson, Chief Executive Partner of Knowledgent, says that it’s extremely important to the firm that Knowledgent give back to the community. In fact, it’s one the firm’s founding principles, driven from the top down.

“The fact that we encourage individuals to work with charities that are personally important to them brings a personal touch to the program that truly makes it admirable,” Gibson says. “This is not a corporate initiative. It’s a personalized, company-backed program that our people drive and we support. That’s the most important thing. Passion.”

In fact, ask Gibson how he would characterize the employees’ overall reaction to the project, and he’ll say: One word—passion. “It’s the foundation of the program, and we are so proud that our employees are supporting causes that mean so much to them personally,” Gibson. “When you can impact the community it’s always fantastic, but when you can impact a cause someone close to you intimately cares for, it’s even better.”

As far as winning a Social & Community Investment award, Gibson says that it’s a justification that Knowledgent’s program means something beyond its own walls. “Within Knowledgent, the Knowledgent Cares program is highly regarded and respected,” he says. “To see it gain recognition outside our organization makes us all very proud of our people and their passion for charity.”

Q&A: How does the work align with Knowledgent’s overall mission?

Gibson: “Knowledgent’s mission is to “improve lives and business through data”. Knowledgent Cares directly translates in that we are improving lives through charitable outreach. This means funding for cancer research and other diseases, education for under-privileged youth, feeding the hungry, and aiding those with disabilities, just to name a few causes.”