The 2017 Social & Community Investment Awards: Impact Makers

Impact Makers

Type of Work: Pro Bono Client: Midwives for Haiti

Midwives for Haiti is a nonprofit that trains skilled birth attendants to increase women’s access to care and to end preventable maternal and infant deaths in Haiti. It needed to collect more accurate and complete information about their services, starting with their mobile clinic operation, which reaches 24 rural villages in the Central Plateau of Haiti.

The desired solution needed to address duplicate patient records, improve the quality of care and medication dispensed, and more effectively deliver high impact health interventions to the women of Haiti.

The existing process involved midwives transcribing all patient data on paper, often in duplicate. Impact Makers’ approach of moving to a digital solution without creating process and efficiency hardships proved successful, says Michael Pirron, Founder & CEO of Impact Makers.

Impact Makers has a unique business model in which 100 percent of profits over the life of the company are contributed to nonprofit community partners,” he says. “Since 2006, we have provided more than $2 million in direct financial contributions and pro bono consulting services. We currently support four community partners and four pro bono only partners. Midwives for Haiti is one of our pro bono partners and the mobile clinic app project was an exciting opportunity to allow their birth attendants to improve the safety and effectiveness of patient care to the women and children of Haiti.”

To meet MFH’s needs, IM designed and configured a tablet application for Haitian midwives who had little or no technological experience. The solution needed to be flexible and simple to learn, function without Wi-Fi, use Haitian Creole, allow data export in English, and use tablets that can withstand third world conditions and support long battery life.

Impact Makers worked with the client Data Manager to configure the app based on the existing patient evaluation paper form in use by the midwives. The tool allows very flexible configuration; questions on the form change based on a patient’s responses or rapid test results input by a midwife.

Ultimately, the midwives loved the idea of going digital and quickly adopted the new app. Updates to the app continue on an iterative basis. Many are enhancements suggested by the midwives, new villages added to the app as the Mobile Clinic operation expands, or changes to expand the data and reporting structure, Pirron says.

Meanwhile, Pirron says the “all-profits-to-charity model is often the difference in attracting and retaining phenomenal talent that is driven to make a difference for our customers and our communities. Impact Makers’ model brings the company together with an ethos that is lived through our shared values.”

Q&A: How does the work align with the firm’s overall mission?

Pirron: “For this recognition, we are focused on a single high-impact project with our partner Midwives for Haiti. However, Impact Makers provided about 3,700 hours of pro bono services to nonprofit community partners in 2016. Giving back is what we do and it benefits our clients because our consultants deliver an unmatched level of honesty, transparency and partnership experience as a result.”

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