The 2017 Social & Community Investment Awards: Daugherty Business Solutions

Daugherty Business Solutions

Type of Work: Pro Bono Client: Best Buy and SmartCare

When Daugherty Business Solutions gives back to the community, it does so innovatively. For example, Best Buy was looking to enhance its access to millennials. Daugherty was familiar with a St. Louis startup named Rovertown, which had designed a mobile coupon platform that scoured nearby stores to find discounts for college students.

By introducing Rovertown to Best Buy, Daugherty was able to feed a growing industry. In St. Louis, the startup community is valued at $761 million, and is growing, and what grows the economy in St. Louis is good for everybody, says Lee Metcalf, VP Community Outreach, Daugherty Business Solutions. Daugherty wants to see the startup community succeed, because it is an avenue for St. Louis to attract and build talent, as it currently has about 4,000 employees. The community also attracts venture-capitalist money.

“Supporting the growth of startups is good for new idea generation, good for the St. Louis economy, good for our clients and invigorates our own employees getting exposed to new ideas,” Metcalf says.

The introduction also reenergized the firm’s relationship with Best Buy. “Daugherty is focused on bringing the best solutions to our clients,” Metcalf says. “The Innovation/Startup community is a growing part of that process.”

One of those start-ups is SmartCare, a solution that will help the elderly stay in their homes longer by use of a specific set of sensors on the home that help monitor their health. Best Buy, and other companies that support residential home productivity, are looking for new products and services.

And thus, a match was made.

“We were happy to help SmartCare connect with the right people at these companies and better understand what market requirements were needed,” Metcalf says. “It was also our desire to bring ideas and thought leadership to our clients.”

SmartCare was one of a number of startups that is perfecting this solution and worthy of a Fortune 500’s time. And Daugherty is deeply involved with the Healthcare industry.

“Our mission is to bring our clients value. The Internet of Things and Analytics are both key to those new levels of productivity,” Metcalf says. “SmartCare is transforming how we think about home health care.”

As far as the recognition that comes with the award, Metcalf says it means a lot to the firm, its employees and clients.

“Daugherty strives to give back to the community in all the cities where we work. Making a difference for our clients and for our communities is a core value,” Metcalf says. “It is about helping people.”

Q&A: What does winning a Social & Community Investment award mean to you, your firm and your employees?

Metcalf: While we certainly appreciate Consulting magazine for creating this program and shining a light on all the good works in consulting, the recognition is not why we do the pro bono work. We spent hundreds of hours on pro bono work with startups and if that inspires others to invest in similar endeavors, then we are all in.”