The 2017 Social & Community Investment Awards: AlixPartners


Type of Work: Community Outreach Initiative Client: School Justice Project

Since 2014, AlixPartners has partnered with School Justice Project (SJP), a special education legal services and advocacy organization serving older court-involved students with special education needs in Washington, DC. SJP’s education attorneys provide free legal representation to ensure these students have meaningful access to a quality education.

Through its direct representation and systemic advocacy programs, SJP has impacted the lives of over 1,000 students, says Scott Krady, a Vice President with AlixPartners.

In June, AlixPartners hosted its third fundraiser on behalf of SJP, which drew more than 150 attendees from the local community and raised more than $55,000.

“SJP’s individual representation and systemic advocacy programs aim to spark a system-wide overhaul, changing the educational landscape for older court-involved students with special education needs who are involved in D.C.’s juvenile and criminal justice systems,” Krady says. “Their work improves opportunities for a group that often falls through the cracks in the D.C. education system. They aim to intervene and interrupt the ‘school to prison pipeline’ to ensure that all students have meaningful access to a quality education.”

Krady says AlixPartners believes that it is essential for the firm to be involved in its local communities. “Not only does it support improvements in our immediate area, but it improves our brand’s positive awareness while fostering a new network of passionate, hard-working, legal professionals.”

Krady says AlixPartners employees are enthusiastic supporters of SJP and have been some of the most generous donors at past fundraisers. “Many employees have helped with past fundraisers by volunteering their time to assist in the planning and execution of the event and donating and soliciting auction items,” he says. “The events have been lively, fun gatherings and well-attended by AlixPartners employees.”

As far as being recognized with a Social & Community Investment award, Krady says the firm is honored to be recognized for its work with School Justice Project, but more important is the recognition of the impact SJP has had on students in the D.C. community.

“The assistance AlixPartners has provided is only a small part of SJP’s exhaustive efforts to better the lives of its clients and the education system as a whole,” Krady says. “Providing a platform through which SJP’s great work can be showcased, is truly the highlight of this award.”


Q&A: How does the work with the School Justice Project align with AlixPartners’ overall mission?

Krady: “All AlixPartners employees are encouraged to get involved with volunteer activities. We have built a legacy of pursuing the highest standards of excellence in all areas of our business and have achieved this by remaining focused on our clients and our people—and by adhering to our Core Values of Commitment, Professionalism, Teamwork, Common Sense, Personal Respect, and Communication. We are committed to helping confront issues of urgency and importance in the communities where we work.  We support not-for-profit organizations with innovative and entrepreneurial approaches that use our people’s expertise to create value, growth, and success.”

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