The 2017 Best Small Firms to Work For: IBB Consulting Group

11. IBB Consulting Group

Headquarters: Philadelphia Billable Consultants: 165  Client Industries Served: Cable, Broadband, Media, Wireless and Mobility   Consulting Service Lines:  Strategy, Operations Management, IT

Make it six times overall and four years in a row for Philadelphia-based IBB Consulting Group. “The feeling of pride that this honor instills in each and every one of us never grows old and we are humbled once again by our inclusion on this exclusive list,” says Dr. Imran Shah, Managing Partner of IBB. “We feel that this recognition continues to boost our company morale and push the leadership team to raise the bar for how we cultivate our culture as an innovative and growing company.”

Shah says he views the survey as sort of an annual review that gives employees an outlet for candid and honest feedback, giving them yet another path to help effect change at a company that they have a stake in building. “This honor is an incredibly important contributor to our family environment and organization-wide relationships built on trust,” Shah says.

While IBB continues in growth mode, its ability to recruit top talent in an always competitive hiring environment is critical. When prospective candidates see that IBB is consistently recognized as a Best Small Firm to Work For, that can move the needle.

“The recognition is also a barometer of our overall employee job satisfaction and that shows in the work that our teams do for clients every day,” Shah says. “If our employees are happy, they’re going to do great work and go the extra two miles to bring the most value to our clients.”

For a firm growing the way IBB is right now, it’s no wonder that Shah lists scalable growth, attracting and retaining top talent and continuing to align with client priorities as his main points of focus for the immediate future.

“IBB has enjoyed annual double-digit growth virtually since our inception, and finding a way to grow while maintaining the quality of work and family culture is incredibly important,” he says. “We will continue to ensure that we are aligned with our clients’ goals. The market is changing and our clients’ challenges are changing.”

Shah says he believes that consolidation will continue over the next two years. IBB has helped guide more than $200 billion of M&A activity and understands that its ability to help clients understand and navigate the changing market dynamics and the trends of the convergence today and in the future will remain critical to joint success.

“The balancing act we must continue to perform is growing and scaling to meet changing client needs while maintaining the culture of the firm and the quality of the work we do,” he says. “As always, we are up for the challenge.”

Q&A: How would you describe morale at your firm?

Shah: “Morale at IBB Consulting is something we never want to take for granted. While morale remains high, we continuously strive to ensure that it is always improving. This is not something we take lightly and our experience has shown that it can be a moving target. With consistent double-digit growth, our employee profile evolves each year. This requires constant understanding and anticipation of what is most important to the new generation of consultants that make up the IBB mosaic. We are constantly reflecting on how to best balance expectations against our cultural DNA.”