The 2017 Best Small Firms to Work For: GearsCRM

12. GearsCRM

Headquarters: Needham, Mass. Billable Consultants: 60 Client Industries Served: High Tech, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods  Consulting Service Lines:  IT

GearsCRM is newcomer to our Best Small Firms to Work For list and Harry Radenberg, CEO of GearsCRM, has a few ideas how the firm ended on the list this year.

“We are a 100 percent remote company and everyone gets to work from home on a flexible schedule,” Radenberg says. “Although employees do not see each other face-to-face every day, they are in constant communication and very supportive of one another.”

When it comes down to it, the firm hires people who love what they do, are good at what they do, and know how to have fun doing it,” Radenberg says. “When projects inevitably get challenging, the morale is always high because we surround ourselves with such positive and supportive team members.”

It’s no surprise then that Radenberg says the employees are a big reason Gears ended up as one of the Best Firms to Work For. “This award should not only validate an employee’s decision to work for Gears, but should also instill a sense of pride to be part of such a terrific team,” he says. “The consulting industry is challenging. Receiving this type of feedback confirms we have the right model and are providing ample opportunities for ambitious and talented professionals. Clients want to trust their critical projects are in the right hands and I think this nomination should give them the confidence that we stand behind our employees.”

Gears is unique in that it’s a fully virtual company and because of this Radenberg says he has learned things need to run a little differently than if the employees met face-to-face every day, and that has led to some growing pains. “With focus, we can work through the challenges and always learn how to make things fit in our virtual model.”

On the survey, the firm excelled in the areas of Work/Life Balance and Compensation & Benefits. “I believe our 100 percent remote model is a huge contributor in achieving a healthy work/life balance. We empower employees to be productive when the time works best for them and/or their families,” Radenberg says. “They, in turn, appreciate the flexibility and quality it adds to their lives.

In terms of compensation and benefits, Radenberg says the firm has been fortunate with its success and strives to continuously improve its benefit program. “Our benefits program not only encompasses the ‘basics’, but also a company-funded continuing education and professional certification program—employees place a lot of value in being able to keep their skills up-to-date in our fast-paced industry.”

Q&A: Were there any specific programs that contributed to being a Best Small Firm? 

Radenberg: “We put a lot of focus on flexible schedules and working from home is a big part of that. We understand consulting projects naturally ebb and flow. We want our team to feel they can take time off when their project is slower without the pressure of feeling like they need to bill—especially, when the following week that same project will require extra time from them. Gears also puts a very strong focus on knowledge sharing. We hold weekly Knowledge Share sessions for the entire consultant team; topics range from internal processes, new Salesforce products or features, or showing off something we have recently built for a client.”

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