The 2017 Best Firms to Work For: RSM

12. RSM

Headquarters: Chicago   Billable Consultants: 2,100  Client Industries Served: Consumer and Industrial Products, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate    Consulting Service Lines: Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, Technology and Management Consulting

RSM is on a roll as this is the fourth straight year the firm finds itself among the profession’s Best Firms to Work For.

“RSM has significant momentum in the marketplace, and being named a Best Firm to Work For again this year is very exciting,” says Brian Becker, Partner and National Consulting Leader, RSM. “We believe this recognition helps us attract and retain superior talent. In the end, it’s about providing clients with the best possible people to help them address their business challenges. Clients seek out firms with the best talent―they want to be served by savvy consultants who enjoy what they do and the people they work with.”

One of the main reasons morale is “very upbeat” Becker says. “We’re focused on helping our middle market clients innovate and achieve their strategic goals. Our employees are energized about making a difference and being on the front line to help clients succeed.”

Powers says the firm intentionally puts people from different specialties together to collaborate and bring new ideas to our clients as teams. “We believe that not only helps our professionals understand what their colleagues do, but the exposure also gives them a glimpse into possible new career paths―something they might ultimately become very passionate about,” he says. “At RSM, we offer a very wide range of solutions and services, so, as a result of this initiative, people have the opportunity to find something here they’ll love doing.”

And there will be plenty to do, Becker says. “We expect to be very busy and look forward to being that trusted advisor as our clients chart the course to maximize technology to achieve their business objectives.”

The middle market is robust, composing 40 percent of domestic GDP and one-third of the nation’s workforce, Becker says. The organizations RSM works with are dynamic, entrepreneurial and growing at a rate faster than their larger or smaller counterparts. And those middle market firms are seeing massive changes on the horizon in technology, security and privacy, artificial intelligence and robotics. They’re both concerned and excited about how these things will affect their businesses.

“Our top priority is making sure we’re innovating and able to provide the advice and counsel they need to successfully address these major business opportunities and challenges,” Becker says. “The huge technological shift underway is very exciting. It will provide great opportunity for our clients―from increasing their efficiency and effectiveness to improving the customer experience and everything in between.”

Q&A: On the survey, RSM excelled in the areas of Career Development and Work/Life Balance. Why? 

Becker: “Giving employees choices is important. We have regular career discussions for our people to help them achieve their career aspirations. That, combined with deep technical and advisory training and, of course, experience with clients creates a solid foundation for career development. In consulting, work/life balance can be difficult to achieve, but the firm has put programs in place to create balance—programs like self-managed time off for managers and above; flexible work options; parental leave; our culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives; and others. We’re gratified to be recognized in both of these important areas.”

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