The 2017 Best Firms to Work For: Protiviti

14. Protiviti

Headquarters: Menlo Park, Calif.  Billable Consultants: 3,000  Client Industries Served: Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy/Utilities, Consumer, Technology/Media/Communications, Manufacturing & Distribution, Private Equity, Government Consulting Service Lines:  All

It’s four straight years for Protiviti, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based firm, which is back as one of the Best Firms to Work For. This time it’s up one spot from 2016.

“Being a Best Firm to Work For conveys to the marketplace that we invest heavily in our greatest asset—the Protiviti employees who are serving our clients every day,” says Joseph Tarantino, President and CEO of Protiviti. “Making the list also validates our efforts to create meaningful career experiences for our people. We have an enormous sense of pride in seeing our company and our incredible team recognized.”

For clients, he says, it communicates that Protiviti people are engaged and invested in the firm’s success, which carries over to their desire to provide exceptional service to clients. “I often hear from clients how much they enjoy collaborating with our consultants,” he says.

Tarantino knows morale is high based on several surveys Protiviti participates in. “The morale of our people is a real enabler for us, which is why I am so confident about Protiviti’s future,” Tarantino says. “Our people work together well, support each other in work and life, and find a lot of fulfillment in helping our clients find solutions to some of their most pressing problems.”

Cybersecurity remains top of mind, he says. “We are continuing to enhance our team and capabilities to help our clients confidently manage their business and operations as securely as possible while pursuing their goals and strategies,” Tarantino says. “Another of our top priorities is helping our clients successfully manage the continually evolving regulatory environment. Clients continue to require our deep skills and knowledge to navigate through the coming challenges of new revenue recognition and lease accounting standards, GDPR compliance and the new COSO ERM framework.

Tarantino says that he’s seeing some very exciting opportunities to help clients with their digital transformation journeys. “Companies are looking for guidance in formulating their digital strategy, figuring out a clear governance structure and learning how to energize their culture for more innovation, and Protiviti can bring a lot of value to the table.”

On the survey, Protiviti excelled in the areas of Career Development and Culture. “Our culture is such a difference maker. Our culture is not only how our people treat each other; it’s also how we work with our clients,” he says. “We emphasize teaming, and we empower our people to do the right thing. Our culture attracts the kind of people who want to work in teams where they are empowered to solve problems and build deep expertise.”

Q&A: What’s unique about your firm? What sets it apart from the rest? 

Tarantino: “We firmly believe that in a client-centric organization, putting our people first is the energizer of exceptional client service. The better we know the desires, ambitions and motivations of our people, the more we are able to offer them what they are looking for in their careers. In a workforce of thousands, every individual has a story, and we strive to know them all. If we can understand each person’s story and how it has shaped them, we can help them unlock their full potential. This is a powerful way of building our business capabilities and honing the culture that sets us apart.”

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