The 2017 Best Firms to Work For: CapTech

6. CapTech

Headquarters: Richmond, Va. Billable Consultants: 550 Client Industries Served: Banking & Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media & Telecommunications, Public Service & Government, Retail & Consumer Goods, Travel & Hospitality   Consulting Service Lines:  IT

CapTech is a model of consistency. This marks the sixth consecutive year the Richmond, Va.-based IT firm has been on the Best Firms to Work For list. Even more impressive, however, is where it ranks. CapTech has been ranked No. 5, No. 6 or No. 7 every single year. And in 2017, it settles in at No. 6, the same ranking as last year.

But back in 2102, its first year as a Best Firm to Work For, CapTech had 200 fewer consultants, so the firm’s consistency is even more impressive when measured against that growth.

“As we have expanded and grown to a national firm, preserving and protecting our culture has been of critical importance. If we grow but lose what makes CapTech special then it’s over and we’ve failed,” says Kevin McQueen, CEO of CapTech. “The Best Firms to Work For survey provides corroboration that we have been able to maintain the culture that makes us unique.”

This year marks CapTech’s 20th year in business. The founders created CapTech as an alternative to traditional consulting firms, McQueen says. “They wanted a place with an environment of exciting and impactful consulting work coupled with a life balance that can be elusive in the industry. The Best Firms to Work For is validation that they have achieved their mission to be a best firm to work for and work with. This directly impacts our ability to deliver compelling services.”

That’s one of the reasons there is excitement and an entrepreneurial spirit around the firm’s growth into new markets. “We have launched new initiatives for hands-on experience with emerging technologies in our innovation lab,” McQueen says. “There is a surge of enthusiasm around helping our clients set their innovation agenda and leverage innovation in their organizations.”

Meanwhile, McQueen says that right now the industry is in the middle of a once in a generation shift in the data and analytics space. More companies are treating data as an asset. Organizations have more data than ever before and the tools and technology have evolved tremendously to allow for processing that information quickly and in a meaningful way. “We have the ability to innovate and garner insights that we never could before,” he says. “We’re excited to help our clients navigate through this transformation and develop data and analytics strategies to leverage modern data architecture and the cloud.”

McQueen says he’s also excited by the cutting edge digital transformation work the firm is doing across its markets and the growth of its CX practice. “If you told me a year ago that we would be doing CX creative work for two of the biggest financial brands I wouldn’t have believed it,” he says. “We’ve arrived in that space. We have successfully integrated creative practices within our existing technology and management consulting services. It’s exciting to see the impact it is having for our clients.”

Q&A: What’s your top priority over the next 12 months?

McQueen: “Our focus is on mentoring, training, and growing our existing subject matter experts and account managers so we can continue to deliver great services as we continue to grow. We are also focused on nurturing our new markets like Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta and immersing them in our culture to set them up for long-term sustainable growth.”

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