The 2017 Best Firms to Work For: Attain

8. Attain

Headquarters: McLean, Va.  Billable Consultants: 385  Client Industries Served: Government, Education, Healthcare, Non-profit   Consulting Service Lines:  Strategy, Operations Management, IT

Every year, it seems, a firm shakes up the Best Firms to Work For rankings by making its debut seemingly out of nowhere. This year that firm is Attain.

Greg Baroni, Chairman and CEO of Attain says morale at the firm is extremely high right now. “We are a growing team that is constantly demonstrating to the market that we are invested in creating value—not just winning work to boost the bottom line, but to have a real, meaningful impact on those we serve,” he says. “We work continuously to foster creativity and to encourage new ways of thinking and serving others, including our clients, the community, and each other.”

He says that Attain leadership likes to say that Attain is a place for great ideas and the people who have them, and team members embrace and live every day by the core values that make that true. And now, affirmation follows.

“Being ranked among Consulting magazine’s Best Firms to Work For elevates awareness in the market of Attain as a premier consultancy and employer,” Baroni says. “It’s a reliable signal to the market that we understand our people are our greatest asset, that we take care of them, and that we celebrate their successes. Moreover, if people are engaged and feel supported, that typically reflects how well they serve our clients.”

And that concept of the firm being a place of great ideas and the people who have them is not just window dressing. An initiative that will soon be launched is Attain’s Idea Factory, a platform to help facilitate discovery of the best innovation from the team that we can develop and take to market.

“Our success to date is due in part to our deep connection to the markets we serve,” he says. “We’re excited to leverage that connection along with Attain’s intellectual property to help accelerate time to market and reduce risk, bringing the best to our clients. Our mission is to change the world by disrupting the status quo and improving the lives we touch.”

To that end, Baroni says Attain is on a path to “becoming the change we want to see in the industry by employing some of the principles of a new outcomes-based consulting model. Every day, we’re leveraging the best technology and the best talent to deliver value and we’ll measure our success by the outcomes we achieve for others,” he says. “For the last 100 plus years, consulting has been the same fee-for-service industry, and we want to change that. At Attain, we think there’s a better model—one that creates more accountability and drives greater value for our clients.”

Baroni says the firm is positioning itself for growth as it navigates the transition to the next echelon of competition and service. “This requires commitment to attracting top talent and developing the exceptional team that we have, as well as identifying future investments for growth.”

Q&A: On the survey, the firm excelled in the areas of Leadership and Career Development. Why is that?

Baroni: “As an employer, we offer an unparalleled career path with complete access to engaged leadership whose focus is on mentorship versus micromanagement, giving people the space to explore creatively and grow. Our culture and collaborative learning environment attracts entrepreneurs and gives purpose to people’s passions.”

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