The 2017 Top 25 Consultants: Pierre Jacquet


Pierre Jacquet L.E.K. Consulting

Excellence in Healthcare

Pierre Jacquet says working for an industry that ultimately improves the health and outcomes of patients suffering from diseases is what motivates him to excel day in and day out. And it’s safe to say that clients have been the beneficiaries of all that motivation.

Many projects he’s led have had significant impacts on L.E.K.’s clients’ businesses and performance, including: worked with a leading pharmaceutical company trying to build leadership in the new area of immuno-oncology; enabling a major M&A transaction ($10 billion) that enabled a global pharmaceutical company to expand its footprint in a new disease area; and, supporting the restructuring of public biotech companies and directed them in refocusing their operations on focused R&D investments.

Jacquet is the Global Head of the Biopharmaceuticals & Life Sciences practice and a Managing Director and Partner in L.E.K. Consulting’s Boston office. He is also a member of the firm’s Global Leadership Team. “I am proud of leading our Global Life Sciences practice and supporting my colleagues across the globe to grow our practice and better serve together international life sciences companies,” he says.

Jacquet has more than 20 years of experience in corporate and business unit strategy consulting, R&D portfolio management and mergers and acquisitions advisory services. He has worked across many life science industry segments and has assisted clients with issues such as strategic opportunity evaluations, product prioritization, product planning and commercialization, strategic partnering, strategic activation and mergers and acquisitions.

Over the course of his 20 years-plus in the industry, Jacquet has served more than 200 clients across the globe and enabled the transformation of more than 30 mid-cap biotech companies that ultimately enabled some $60 billion of M&A value to shareholders, among many other accomplishments.

As for the keys to his career successes, he says it’s “the intersection of deep content knowledge of the industry and cumulative experience of 20 years serving biopharma clients. The delivery of this expertise combine with trust-based relationships with clients has been the biggest factor to my success.”

As far as winning the Top 25 award, Jacquet says it’s nice to be recognized but he still has much left to accomplish in his career. “For L.E.K., the award gives external recognition for the hard work and effort that the Life Sciences team is putting into the business day in and out,” he says. “And for my clients, it affirms their decision to trust me and my team to help them achieve their mission.”

Q&A: What do you enjoy most about your job and the profession?

Jacquet: “Solving complex business problems. There is nothing more motivating than being presented with the intellectual challenge of a problem to solve. Beyond the solution to business issues is also the execution of recommendations. This is something I have been focusing on more recently by developing a team of colleagues who focus on supporting our clients on implementing and activating strategic plans. I never tire from responding to this call.”