The 2017 Top 25 Consultants: Mark Hussey


Mark Hussey   Huron

Excellence in Leadership

Mark Hussey wants to see Huron become the best company to work for, period. “As a consulting company, our biggest limitations are our collective will and imagination in developing new ways to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges,” he says. “We strive to operate like a well-capitalized start-up driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, and with our extremely collaborative culture, our work is both challenging and rewarding.”

Hussey, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Huron, says the firm has the most collaborative culture of any company where he’s ever worked.

The firm continually works to bring the most qualified resources to bear to solve clients’ problems. “We find that our clients respond very well to this approach, as do our people. It is this culture, along with the rapid pace and entrepreneurial spirit, that I find most enjoyable.”

As Chief Operating Officer, Hussey is responsible for Huron’s operations, corporate development, information technology, human resources, marketing and facilities functions. He is also responsible for executing the firm’s growth strategy, which has resulted in expanded capabilities and a broader global footprint.

“I am proud of the progress we have made to unify and integrate Huron’s practices into a collaborative structure that better aligns with our clients’ changing needs,” he says. Huron has expanded globally with the acquisitions of ADI Strategies and Pope Woodhead & Associates, and completed the acquisition of growth strategy firm Innosight.

Hussey says he is proud of learning how to be an effective leader throughout all phases of the business cycle—from periods of rapid growth to times of deep transformation—and for a diverse set of companies serving a number of industries. “I am extremely proud of the transformation Huron is making to become one of the most admired, and trusted, global professional services companies.”

When Hussey joined Huron in 2011, the firm had just over 1,900 employees. Today, it has more than 2,900 employees and revenues that exceed $726 million. In the same time period, the firm acquired 11 companies, and four of its five practice leaders came to Huron through those acquisitions. “This is a testament to our strong collaborative culture where we work together to achieve our collective goals,” Hussey says.

As far as winning the Top 25 award, Hussey says he is “truly humbled, and honored to be recognized alongside such a talented group of individuals. I challenge myself each day to be the best leader I can be to ensure the success of our employees and clients,” Hussey says. “This recognition is not mine alone. It reflects Huron’s commitment to creating an environment for its employees to grow and excel.”

Q&A: What’s been the biggest factor to your success?

Hussey: “Being an active listener, objective decision-maker and a creative problem-solver has allowed me to remain focused on the overall performance of the organization, while creating a high-performing culture focused on the best outcomes for clients. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit and am not afraid to take calculated risks, which is how organizations grow and prosper.”


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