The 2017 Top 25 Consultants: David G. Grant


David G. Grant FTI Consulting Group

Excellence in Technology

David G. Grant says there are many elements of his job as a consultant that he particularly enjoys, but three stand out among the others. First and most importantly, it’s the people. “At FTI Consulting, we are surrounded by super smart people who foster a great work environment, and with whom it’s just fun to collaborate.”

Second, he enjoys the variety. “We work with clients from across a wide range of industries and professions, and it’s endlessly fascinating to me to learn more about the way each one works.”

Finally, Grant says he enjoys the challenge. “Just when you think the team has handled the most difficult assignment possible, another one comes along with crazier deadlines, more complexity and larger scope—keeping you continuously on your toes.”

Grant, a Senior Managing Director, typically works on extremely large and complex legal and compliance matters, ranging from multi-district litigation to global regulatory investigations. “As you can imagine, we often can’t talk in detail about the work, except to say that these are often the cases dominating the business news,” he says. “I’m extremely proud of the tremendous aplomb with which our teams have handled these enormously challenging engagements.”

Grant credits his family, whose unwavering support has allowed these opportunities, as a big factor to his success.

“The other factor in my success has been the people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and for, and the opportunities with which I’ve been provided along the way,” he says. “At every step in my career, I’ve been blessed with mentors and colleagues who were dedicated to committing the hours necessary to teach me, support me, model integrity, find the next challenge for me and help me keep things in perspective during the stressful times.”

Grant says he works with a large team of professionals, both at FTI and its clients, who consistently work crazy hours in good humor and with deep dedication to advancing  clients’ interests, and who routinely make great personal sacrifices to achieve those goals.

“I hope this award is another affirmation that our great teams pull off truly amazing things, since really this recognizes our collective contribution,” Grant says.

Q&A: What achievements and accomplishments are you most proud of over the course of your career?

Grant: “While it may be a little counter-intuitive when talking about career accomplishments, I work very hard to maintain a sense of work / life balance and family time, and I try to model that and be very open about it with my teams. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of. I’ve also worked over a number of years with a team to create and teach a series of training courses designed to foster consultative skills in our technology area. The chance to interact with folks on a repeat basis as they go through the program has been amazing. Finally, over a three-year period I had the chance to co-lead a massive engagement involving more than 30 clients, with a team spanning more than 100 practitioners. The outcome we collectively achieved and the incredible scale and deadlines we were able to manage across an enormous number of parallel tracks still astonishes me to this day.”



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