The 2017 Top 25 Consultants: Alex Bombeck


Alex Bombeck North Highland

Excellence in Leadership

Alex Bombeck serves as President at North Highland, leading the firm’s North and UK Region, Strategy and Advisory, Service Lines, Sparks Grove and Data & Analytics. He previously served as President of the firm’s marketing and design division.

“I’m proud of the way we bring creativity and design thinking to our consulting mindset. Our structure offers a unique ability to blend experience and expertise from different practices and divisions across the firm,” he says. “This blended, alternate view and thinking allows us to create solutions that aren’t obvious. People are energized and excited, and have a natural curiosity to create client value in new and differentiated ways.”

Bombeck says he was fortunate enough to be part of the digital bandwagon from the beginning, and seeing the true digital transformation of the world, and the business environment, as it is today. It’s rewarding to help clients, he says, from high tech to automotive to spirits, life sciences and more, understand ways to change how they conduct their business.

“How they sell, how they support their customers, how they engage employees—this has all transformed with the digital revolution,” Bombeck says “My career has evolved from only thinking about which channel to use for advertising—to one where everyday a new way of engagement is available, enabling businesses to more effectively cultivate better experiences in a networked world.”

While it’s obvious Bombeck enjoys several aspects of the consulting business, ask him what he enjoys most and he’ll say it’s the exposure to different businesses, different customers, and different ideas.

“We can be talking about 3-D printing one day with a client, and the next day discussing the future of lodging experiences,” Bombeck says. “The conversations I get to have on any given day are fascinating. There is no other industry in the world like it and the range is incredible.”

Meanwhile, Bombeck says there have been three things that are factors to his success: Understanding people, data and technology and being practical. “At the end of the day, consulting is a people business. What’s most critical is how you can recognize people’s strengths or ‘super powers’ and bring them together,” he says. In addition, “use data and technology as a grounding force, but don’t let it direct the answer. The right team can help you think beyond what the data tells you.”

The right team, it turns out, can also help you win a Top 25 Consultants award. “It’s a reflection of North Highland and what we do every day. It validates and reinforces what I, and our owners, believe is the future for ourselves and how we can create value for our clients,” he says. “I’m part of a team, and this is what we all believe in.”


Q&A: What Motivates You to Excel?

Bombeck: “I’m motived and excited by implementing change as a function of progress. It’s okay to not get the answer right out of the gate. Mistakes can be good, as long as you’re learning and making progress. Perfection is not something to strive for, but progress is. Don’t let great get in the way of good.”


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