The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Christina Corridon


Christina Corridon  ZS Excellence in In Healthcare Age: 33

In just over two years at ZS, Christina Corridon, an Associate Principal, has built an impressive book of business, helped launch the firm’s “Biosimilars” vertical and established herself as a leader in ZS’ Oncology and Biosimilars practice areas. 

Corridon says she really enjoys the uncertainty, unpredictably and variety of consulting, which is particularly true in healthcare. “We not only can be agents of change to help our clients drive innovation and make our industry better, but we need to be in order to help make effective health care delivery and innovations happen,” Corridon says.

She says it’s been incredibly fulfilling to specialize in areas such as oncology and biosimilars as these are “booming categories with significant change and potential disruption to the market. It is a thrill to be a part of bringing things to the market that can remarkably change quality or life expectancy.”

Further, Corridon channeled her passion for public health to create the ZS Oncology Value Watchdog, a monthly report that tracks trends in Oncology pricing and access, and has generated hundreds of leads.

And just over the past three months, her team positively impacted more than 20 ZS teams as they delivered competitive planning projects for clients. “At ZS it has been really exciting to watch some of the people I’ve worked with develop and flourish and feel I am a small part of their success,” she says. “It has also been exciting to see the Oncology Value Watchdog thought leadership initiative become highly respected across our firm and industry.”

Corridon says it is very humbling to receive the award, “and it is much bigger than me,” she says. “It is a symbol of the investment that my husband, many friends, family members and co-workers have made in my development.”