The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Stephen Tokarz


Stephen Tokarz

The HCI Group Excellence in Healthcare Age: 33

Stephen Tokarz co-founded the national HIT consultancy’s Expert Technical Advisors, which was sold to The HCI Group in January 2016. During this period, Tokarz, Executive Vice President of Operational Delivery at HCI, has been integral to the continued success and growth of The HCI Group.

“It has also been very rewarding to see how successfully the HIT Training firm I cofounded six years ago has been integrated into HCI,” he says. “The HCI Group has provided a platform for us to reach a much broader client base that is now able to benefit from our tools and learning methodologies.”

Tokarz says he’s looking forward to being part of the team that will continue to use this winning formula for future investments to serve our customers. “I’m thankful to have been part of the team on dozens of transformative projects that leverage technology to improve clinical and financial outcomes,” he says. “Together we are driving efficiencies in patient care.”

He says he is most excited by the speed of innovation within healthcare and the commitment of team members at HCI to stay on the cutting edge. The focus has shifted to achieving value beyond the HER, and it’s “fun to be surrounded by such smart, hardworking and passionate people that help each other to learn and improve every day,” he says. “I am also thrilled by the international trends we are seeing. Healthcare facilities around the globe, even in emerging countries, are adopting Health IT at a rapid pace. We have a tremendous opportunity to help them to skip a generation of mistakes.”

Tokarz says he is “deeply honored to be recognized among such a talented group of individuals and it especially gratifying to be recognized within the category of healthcare.”